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  1. Simple_Pleasures

    2 Tickets for May 3rd New York

    Hello, I’m selling 2 tickets for the New York show on May3rd, Mid Mezzanine, Row A. DM me if interested! Greetings, Ronja
  2. Simple_Pleasures

    2 Tickets for May 3rd

    Hello fellas, since we got other tickets to this show slightly later, I'm now looking to sell our tickets for the Broadway Show on May 3rd. They're in Row A in the mid-Mezzanine and I would sell them for 500$. That's even less than we paid for them with all the fees etc., so don't complain...
  3. Simple_Pleasures

    "Low In High School" album cover posted by Linder on Instagram

    Linder just posted what seems to be the cover of the new album! Nothing you wouldn't have expected from Morrissey, to be quite honest... UPDATE 3:30 PM PT: Image has been removed from Linder's Instagram. Also posted in the comments by Bluebirds: According to a FB post by James Maker which...
  4. Simple_Pleasures

    Amanda Hallay takes a look at Moz as a fashion icon

    Stumbling through the deep, dark internet, I quite recently found the chanel 'The Ultimate Fahion History' run by Amanda Hallay and as in life things sometimes do fit together, she only yesterday provided a video about Morrissey, which I (kindly) want to share with you, although it tells nothing...
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