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    Death At One's Elbow - Is it really Glen?

    Listening to the remasters I am convinced that he sings either 'Den' or 'then' as opposed to Glen. Someone please confirm or deny this woefully trivial matter. And don't just quote the lyric sheet. As it is littered with inaccuracies.
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    Would Johnny Marr have vetoed latter Mozzer lyrics?

    If the Smiths had continued, do you think Marr would've stood firmly behind the Bengali/Asian/N.F triumvirate? Of course Bengali existed in the immediate post-Marr Ivor Perry desperation, but I would wager that had Rick and Bruce offered any resistance that they would've been roundly ignored by...
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    Would he have been better off never playing a Smiths song after Wolverhampton '88?

    That was his unofficial farewell Smiths gig, so his material choice was understandable. He then relied on his solo career for live material until '95.
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