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    Ranking The Moz Studio Albums

    Arsenal Viva Vauxhall Uncle Maladjusted Quarry World Peace Refusal Ringleader 21st century Mozzer has not thrilled me.
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    "ThunderMoz" - video by Sam Esty Rayner posted on YouTube; "Kiss Me A Lot" outtakes?

    It's not exactly 'Lazarus' is it? Do you think Bowie would have allowed a relative to excrete such artless flotsam in his name?
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    If the Smiths reformed for a one-off gig, what would you like on the setlist?

    The Queen Is Dead Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before William, It Was Really Nothing There Is A Light That Never Goes Out The Boy With The Thorn In His Side How Soon Is Now Sweet and Tender Hooligan I Know It's Over This Charming Man Panic Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now...
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    Joe Moss, the original manager of The Smiths has died at 72

    Very sad. I also met him and he was indeed a gent. Commemorating this would be one of the rare TTY Mozzer statements actually worth reading.
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    TTY: Morrissey shirt by street wear label Raw Wonders

    Smiths era song, solo era pic. That niggles.
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    "Was There No One to Stop Morrissey From Publishing List of the Lost?" - John Niven of the New State

    I think he had a potentially great novel in him around 83-90. He was at the peak of his lyrical powers then and seemingly far less embittered about the world and his status in it. It would also presumably have been set in the UK, which would have suited him rather more.
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    Single/album released under different name in Australia ?

    I always though Education In Reverse was a great title. His mind was cleaver sharp back then. It's a shame it never inspired a lyric.
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    Morrissey on Top of the Pops

    Top 20 wise He didn't appear with Ouija Fatty LMKY Jesus Or anything post-Quarry. Can't remember when TOTP died. Suedehead and I Drug were promo clip form. Vaguely interesting adjunct, Mozzer makes a mistake in Autobiography. He claims that He performed EILS on TOTP when it...
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    Morrissey on Top of the Pops

    He was scheduled to appear on TOTP with Piccadilly Palare, in with a slightly soggy bullet at number 18. I was sat, video poised on pause and record the whole programme. It was one of his no-shows, a less frequent occurrence back then. Grrr. Next week it was 38 if I recall.
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    Great bass moments in Morrissey solo songs

    Bedders did some sublime work on Kill Uncle. Our Frank, Mute Witness, Sing Your Life, Found Found Found, Asian Rut are all great bass lines.
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    What's on your perfect Morrissey mix CD?

    Now my heart is full Mute witness Angel, Angel, down we go together National Front disco I've changed my plea to guilty Suedehead Will never marry November spawned a monster Trouble loves me The last of the famous international playboys Istanbul I know very well how I got my name...
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    Saddest ever Morrissey solo song

    I know very well how I got my name Will never marry Michael's bones Angel, Angel down we go together Trouble loves me I'd love to
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    Songs that make reference to The Smiths or Morissey

    Lloyd Cole - Seen The Future. It doesn't appear to be youtubetastic. From his 1994 lp Bad Vibes. It's an agreeably tongue in cheek T-Rex soundalike which contains the All The Young Dudesque line 'Man I need TV when I've got my Morrissey'.
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    Favorite solo albums in order?

    Arsenal Viva Vauxhall Uncle Maladjusted World Quarry Refusal Ringleader Southpaw
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    Lloyd Cole's signed copy of 'Meat Is Murder'

    I've met Lloyd twice and he was lovely. Can't imagine him walking off stage after 5 songs either. And his kid is a looker.
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    Has Morrissey influenced or shaped who you are today?

    Being vegetarian, having a flair for language and rather than being ashamed of it actually relishing the opportunity to unleash it, writing about what is true to yourself and his dress sense (83-94). Oh, and his falsetto.
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    Songs that shouldn't have made it onto a Moz album?

    Going post-Maladjusted I'm not sorry How can anyone You know I couldn't In the future To me you are On the streets One day goodbye Sorry doesn't help I'm ok by myself I'm not a man (his most excruciating lyric) Smiler with knife ('sex and love are not the same' is a sub-Robert Palmer...
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    Songs that shouldn't have made it onto a Moz album?

    Bengali Harsh truth Fatty Operation Do Your Best Southpaw Roy He Cried Sorrow
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    "I Blame Morrissey" - new book by Jamie Jones; available for pre-order Oct. 24, 2014

    We all eagerly await realitybites providing us with a weighty tome.
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