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  1. Troy

    Morrissey's request

    . . . for us to write to our MP in his recent Letter of Request to Fans. The correct address printed on most MPs stationery is: House of Commons Parliament Square Westminster London SW1A 0AA He wants you to write to your MP, so it is best to have the correct post code. 'Long...
  2. Troy

    Jake Walters Portraits of Morrissey

    Please go to: To see our beloved Morrissey in some amazing and fabulous pictures. 'Swoon' benefits guaranteed! Lorra lorra luv. IX :):sweet::)
  3. Troy

    Swords album insert question

    Hello, would anyone know who the person is from the blurry photograph Morrissey took of his 'crew' inside the lyrics booklet from the Swords album? From the left there is the lovely Matt, then Jesse, then wee sweet Soloman, then ? the man from U. N. C. L. E ? - don't know . . . then...
  4. Troy

    Morrissey's significant other

    Who is Morrissey's significant other? . . . because during a converstion with a crew member of YOR tour '09 one of them said of Morrissey and Ms Yeoman that 'these people are my employers' implicating they were an 'item'. Is this true and if so they must have been together a while now?
  5. Troy

    A tea party question

    A question not covered in Debretts . . . One invites our beloved Morrissey for afternoon tea at one's house on Eaton Square, a delightful conversation of what bands each have seen over the years is in melliflous flow . . . would it (dare I ask) . . . would it be of a precarious...
  6. Troy

    Wnat is Morrissey's definition of...

    'Grotesquely lonely'? Listening to Swords album, I wondered if one qualifies for this definition? ;) Who is the loneliest person here? :straightface:
  7. Troy

    Morrissey said

    At The Troxy concert last July . . . ' Oh Labour, we'll never be rid of them . . .' And he looked up to the balcony VIP area and smiled at a Nico look alike . . . :) Anyway, just been watching the 'Mrs Cameron' interview details when she starts talking about the Leader of The...
  8. Troy

    A Valentine Poem for Morrissey IX

    "Here now . . . you are; the Sun, the warm light of love that caresses my skin. The Air, the breath of eternal life, from a kiss that awakens my soul. Am here now my love . . . my love." IX
  9. Troy

    Postcard from Morrissey

    Found this on photographer's Stephen Wright's website, a copy of a postcard note from M. 'Steven A sweeter set of pictures were never taken. I smiled for a full minute (phone Roy Castle, that's a record); I quite fancy Southport wet sands next, or the tropical shores of Bell .. . use (?). It...
  10. Troy

    UFO's and Morrissey

    Does our Morrissey believe in UFO's? Has he seen one? I think so because, our beloved one is to be heard singing . . . 'The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get,' . . . on Danny Dyer's homemade documentary on UFOs. M sounds great. Perhaps he is not of this world . . . :cool:
  11. Troy

    What would Morrissey do...

    . . if this happened to him, as a 'solo' star? Offerred to join in the local billionaire's children's charity to help out. Ask to purchase a ticket for their Winter Ball . . only to be abruptly informed that . . they do NOT SELL SINGLE TICKETS TO SINGLE PEOPLE. Not even the more expensive...
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