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    The OFFICIAL Manchester United Thread

    Oh, sorry, I thought this was a thread for all things Stretford.....:crazy: seems that all united fans can do is talk about City:confused: They must be really worried about the Coke Cup semi's:thumb:
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    The OFFICIAL Manchester United Thread

    Re: The Official Man United thread :rolleyes: Having looked at the posts you question as anti united spamming.... first one was about Dennis Law - a united legend, and features two of which is united. The second featured two of which was a united fan. Third one was...
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    Does Morrissey ever come on this forum?

    Re: Does Morrissey ever come on this forum ?. Yes I do, but not very often:thumb:
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    Yor £6.99

    oh.... when I click on the link you gave it says $13.90 which when converted isn't £6.99:confused:
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    Yor £6.99

    Where did you get your exchange rate from? 13.90 USD = 9.63805 GBP Still cheap though
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    On Valentine's Day

    Here's one I didn't write
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    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    A friend of mine was there, he phoned me and said the 2 songs they played at the end off air were All you need is me First of the gang to die
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    I had my tattoo done on Monday!

    Looks good JJ, I would like one but am far to much of a wimp to go through with it. Plus me Ma would go mad:eek:
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    Need Help With Lyrics!!

    and in a darkened underpass I thought 'oh god my chance has come at last' but a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask shyness is nice but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you want to Will nature make a man of me yet? I look at yours you laugh at mine...
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    Maconie's TV Towns

    Peter Didn't you help with the book 'Panic On The Streets'? On the section on The Ritz, it is mentioned about 'A Taste Of Honey' having a scene filmed there:rolleyes::D
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    Star & Garter Friday 6th - anyone going?

    I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours, so can you confirm if you going on Friday?:guitar:
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    Star & Garter Friday 6th - anyone going?

    Seems like a case of ''I just can't get enough'' of DM for you BB:)
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    Star & Garter Friday 6th - anyone going?

    I'll be there and I'd like to meet Michelle and gentle kind;)
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    tight fit

    Me too..... Was in HMV and had no problem sliding the inner sleeve out but decided to buy from Piccadilly Records instead. Once home, I thought I was going to rip the thing open to get it out. It was tighter than a Scotsman's wallet on a Saturday night;) Managed to do so eventually but how I...
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    Happy Birthday Mike Joyce!

    Yes, checked on the Suede thing and he did drum on their first single. You learn something everyday! Still not convinced about the BDB thing though - but happy to be proved wrong;)
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    Happy Birthday Mike Joyce!

    I think you are being a little harsh here, the £1m has little to do with it. 10 years ago Mike was aged 35. What were the drummers of The Jam / The Specials / The Clash / etc etc doing 10 years after their respective bands broke up? Mike was fortunate to be able to play with the bands I...
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    Happy Birthday Mike Joyce!

    you sure about that? I recall he applied to drum for Suede but never got the gig and Andy Rourke played with BDB but not Mike:confused:
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    Happy Birthday Mike Joyce!

    Well he has drummed for Sinead O'Conner, Buzzcocks, Public Image Limited, Pete Wylie and Julian Cope. Oh, and Morrissey too on 'Playboys' and 'Interesting Drug'. You call that struggling? Surely they all couldn't have been wrong?:confused:
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    Marr rips off ABBA

    The Sex Pistols' ''Pretty Vacant'' riff was pinched from Abba's ''SOS'' according to Glen Matlock's book ''I was A Teenage Sex Pistol'' - Matlock wrote the tune so he should know!
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