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  1. fredhenson

    Liverpool 7/11/09 Roll Call

    spare ticket for liverpool. pick up in London email me if interested ([email protected]) Face value or nearest offer
  2. fredhenson

    Liverpool 7/11/09 Roll Call

    Anyone going from Liverpool to Manchester who could offer a ride (will cover petrol costs) or transport advice? Is an 11.30 train cutting it a bit fine?
  3. fredhenson

    selling one ticket for alexandra palace 05/11/09

    im interested if this hasnt gone already
  4. fredhenson

    'Ive Never Seen Star Wars' BBC2 23:05 14/08/09

    "Tonight Nigel Havers tells Marcus Brigstocke what It's like to watch The Simpsons, get a tattoo, and listen to The Smiths for the first time"
  5. fredhenson

    Years of Refusal Has Leaked

    can i have the link to?
  6. fredhenson

    Moz UK Tour?

    Do we think this will kick off the UK tour or is it simply a break between america and oz to celebrate his birthday?
  7. fredhenson

    Moz UK Tour?

    December at the brixton academy is fully booked pretty much, but january has only the streets on the 29th. Early Jan im hoping for
  8. fredhenson

    UK Universities

    I did all this buisness last year. Somehow I managed to get into Manchester for next year to do History which is great. Since the offers for highly subscribed courses such as English are higher my advice would be to apply for a joint honours course such as English and Philosophy or History or...
  9. fredhenson

    Setlist for US tour 2009?

    The Tel Aviv setlist had a number of variations from the Greatest Hits tour such as There is a Light.., Everyday is Like Sunday etc. This might suggest that they will be resurrected for the forthcoming tour, but I suspect he was just using some of his strongest material to attract new "fans"...
  10. fredhenson

    My Meeting with Morrissey

    Arrgh! I SO nearly went to that gig, but couldnt find anyone to come with me. :mad:
  11. fredhenson

    Bernard Manning sings Smiths Truly shocking
  12. fredhenson

    Moz UK Tour?

    It just depends how comprehensive the comprehensive US tour is. He could be here by May. However it seems to me that the tour has been rescheduled to avoid the heat in australia. Am i right in thinking its winter over there in August? This makes me think We'll have to wait untill after summer.
  13. fredhenson

    Moz UK Tour?

    In light of the recent update of an extensive US tour, what do we think now? I think some festivals in the summer followed by a UK tour probably around this time next year.
  14. fredhenson

    Moz UK Tour?

    "Morrissey has also asked [Kristeen] Young to once again join him for the upcoming 'Years of Refusal Tour'." From the ever reliable Wikipedia
  15. fredhenson

    Moz UK Tour?

    Do you think the tour is likely to be before or after the album is released, if indeed there is a tour and if indeed the album is ever released?
  16. fredhenson

    Moz UK Tour?

    Did he mention anything about a tour to Janice Long?
  17. fredhenson

    Morrissey on Janice Long this week

    Hopefully he will shed some light on a forthcoming tour
  18. fredhenson

    Meetings with Morrissey Poster

    I saw the same poster near finsbury park
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