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    Selling one 5th row ticket to Boston

    I have one 5th row seat (row HH) for Morrissey in Boston that I may be selling. Would anyone be interested? Got it from vivid --so kinda pricey, but hey.. DM me for info!
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    Looking for a signed copy of anything

    Sadly I have no signed objects in my possession. I would love to find a signed copy of Autobiography or List of the Lost.. Or anything for that matter! Anyone have one they would like to sell? Thx!
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    Why oh why oh why--Has there been no Boston date this tour?? Is it crazy to still hold out hope??
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    Dallas Show on 11/16

    Does anyone know if the there are PIT seats being sold for the Dallas show? Or just seats starting at Row A (not pit)..Some seating charts show pit seats and some don't! Help! Thx :)
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    Looking for front row for Dallas

    There is a chance I might be able to make it to the Dallas show on 11/16. If so, I'd desperately be searching for front row tickets. Any leads? Anyone selling? Thank you!
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    Still desperately looking for 1 pit ticket for PA on 9/22

    I am still in a desperate search for 1 PIT ticket for the PA show on 9/22. My husband will sit anywhere and I can easily find a single ticket for him. BUT all the PIT tickets listed on the f**king resale sites are only being sold as a pair right now! I'm pretty sure I bought my ticket for...
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    Pit tix for PA on 9/22

    So how come no pit tickets are even showing up on any of the sites for sale? Only starting at Orchestra??? Does that mean there won't be a pit with seating? HELP!! Pretty please?? Thank you!
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    Vegas show

    Does anyone know the situation with the General Admission Seats? On the floor plan there is GA right at the stage, then GA Standing Room Only, at the back in a couple of sections.. How do you know which GA section you're getting if you buy tickets? Confused... Thx!
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    Still searching for 2 pit tickets (or close to) for Chicago

    Seeking Chicago tix: 2 Seeking two pit or rows 1-3 for Chicago! Anyone?? Thx!
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    3 orchestra tickets: Row S - Worcester tomorrow night

    Might have two tix for sale for Wed night in Worcester I should know for sure tomorrow. Row Q. $70. If there is any interest please let me know! Thx!
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