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    morrissey frink thread!

    omg thank you sistasheila! you rock, what a great pic :thumb:
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    morrissey frink thread!

    love this thread! sorry if you already posted it before but i cant find it, and this is def frinky....the pic of moz and the boys w/no shirts (or pants!) looks like its from the same photo shoot as the pic from throwing my arms around paris single, but they're all lined up and moz is grabbing...
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    Take people from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just spare me...

    Awww, you know, my husband and I lived in the 'burgh for 7 years, and we just moved to Florida, and now I hear about moz fans there!! I was the only one for the longest time! And yes, my kitty prefers my husband too, what's up with that?:confused:
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    Morrissey Dreams

    Wow, I just had a dream about moz last night, and imagine my suprise, when I came on here today, and found this thread! Actually, my dream was a nightmare! I dreamt that we'd met and wanted to get married but he was married to this ugly girl who was at least 25 years younger than him, and had...
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    Who Put the "M" in Manchester mp3s

    could someone repost the links please? Please, please, please, let me get what I want.... And don't worry, I own the DVD so I'm not stealing, but I can't play the dvd all day...well, I could, but my husband might get suspicious :-) thanks!!
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    morrissey frink thread!

    Did anyone else notice the Charles Laughton LP under his arm Readings from the Bible? What's he carrying that around for? Or do I just have nothing better to do than look at Moz pictures all day and analyze them.... *oops, too close to the truth for me*
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    The Official thread thank you Cossy

    I definitely agree! Thanks a lot cossy for being so sharing :-)) Big hug.
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    Ganglord or My Love Life?

    Thanks again!! Moz fans are really nice people !!!
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    Ganglord or My Love Life?

    Thanks guys!! You're the best!
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    Ganglord or My Love Life?

    Hello all, anyone know where i could hear/get these two songs? thanks a bunch in advance!
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