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    Swords promos

    I know its not strictly speaking about the promo, but does anyone know where I can get hold of the 'swords' keyring?? Thanks in advance...
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    Salisbury 02.11.09

    Spike & I had a fantastic time, really really enjoyed the gig, and loved seeing Doll & the Kicks again, wish I'd got a cd to be honest. Had a drink and meal in the Kings Head beforehand, and felt it was a proper Wetherspoon pub as we saw a drunk and crying teenager in there at 5.30 on a Monday...
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    Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon

    Re: OMG!! Morrissey collapsed on stage - Swindon Nothing wrong with Swindon, my favourite person lives there! On a personal note, we have tickets for Salisbury and I look forward to seeing Morrissey there if he is fully recovered, if not then thats the way it goes. I did however think Doll and...
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    Slap Nick Griffin

    love it!!
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    The Scary Movies Thread

    Spike and I love horror films, he cracks up when I jump out of my seat, which seems to happen quite a lot!! Loved the Hostel films. We saw a comedy horror with Danny Dyer in a couple of weeks ago, Doghouse, it was hilarious.
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    if you look at the and get the price for 2 singles instead of a return its a lot cheaper, you'll need to change at Cheltenham, will take a couple of hours.
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    We'll certainly come and say hello!
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    I'm sure Spike and I will see you there!
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    picky picky....! anyway, just off to asdas.x
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    Bars in town will be open after the gig, standard types ie walkabout, revolutions, yates etc.
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    Say something nice about someone on solo

    Spike is amazing.
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    Ladies what is your fav perfume?

    Shalimar by Guerlain, Yvres by YSL. Oh, and the scent of my man, always gorgeous, even when he's been playing football!
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    Swindon Roll-Call

    Spike & I will be there, and looking forward to it! Salisbury the week after. And re pubs, only a ten-ish minute walk into town.
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    tell us about the last Film you saw

    Re: tell us about the last Film you saw. Spike and I saw District 9 at the weekend, it was really good.
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    What's the standard protocol after a first date?

    You should text him if he's not text you after a couple of days, as already said he may be just as nervous as you! The excitement of first dates is amazing, and if that continues after many times of seeing each other you're onto a good 'un. I still get first date feelings whenever I see my bloke...
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    What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

    Harry Potter. Again.
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    Swindon, Bournemouth or Salisbury?

    sounds good to me.
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    Only The Cockneys Sing The National Anthem

    what is wrong with singing our national anthem??!! I've always been under the impression that the players who don't join in are too thick to remember the words.
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    anybody know anything about banks?

    its always best to go in and talk to someone, i've had charges removed due to them being applied when a previous charge has taken me overdrawn.
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