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  1. educated poor

    Cambridge Five spy ring

    Anybody who come across Morrissey writing, talking or singing about the Cambridge Five spy ring ? The characters involved strike me as typical Morrissey interest area: anti etablissement, some flamboyant (Guy Burgess), repressed sexsuality, exile etc.
  2. educated poor

    Airport photos - so long ago

    Its been so long ago since we seen new footage of him in airports. Hopefully the new tour will change that. But I really miss these special pictures, filled with excitement, romance and sad modern architecture.
  3. educated poor

    Psychobilly King Lear

    Psyhobilly band Lonesome Batz cover of King Lear. Anybody knows how Moz relates to Psychobilly ?
  4. educated poor

    Morrissey sites in LA ?

    Hey everybody, I am visiting LA in early july, and was wondering if there were any sites connected to Morrissey I could visit ? I be very gratefull for any tips!
  5. educated poor

    Jerome Reuter (Rome) expresses his opinion about Morrissey in interview with 482 MHz

    Jerome Reuter, who is behind the neofolk band Rome, expressed his opinion about Morrissey and the current media fuzz recently in an interview with the swedish blog for alternative music 482 MHz. Find the bit about Moz under here and the interview via this link...
  6. educated poor

    Morrissey sights in Paris

    I am going to Paris soon and I was thinking if there where any Morrissey sights there? Of course I will visit the Oscar Wilde grave, but beside this...
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