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  1. Absurd

    There's a mouse in the house

    I don't want to have to resort to a mouse trap, but those JML pest repellant things are a piece of shite. I wish Freddie would just scoot off to another flat. :( Any.. advice?
  2. Absurd

    The Amazing 'I Keep Mine Hidden' Whistling Competition

    Think you can do better than Kris Pooley? Prove it to the world of Solo! I'm somewhat technologically disabled but you can record your efforts and upload them to SendSpace or something like that and post the link here. If you have any brighter ideas, let me know. I might do this before work...
  3. Absurd

    The Libertines

    I like them. Do you?
  4. Absurd

    Puppet Got A Brand New String

    I came across this a few weeks ago and thought I might as well share it. It's... different.
  5. Absurd

    Canned whole chicken

    I apologise in advance for this. It's absolutely vile, but I just had to share. Canned chicken, anyone?
  6. Absurd

    Doll and the Kicks

    Does anyone have any of their music they wouldn't mind sharing? It'd be very much appreciated. :) I've heard a few songs and they are decent, so I wouldn't mind hearing a few more before next month. Here are some songs I've acquired.
  7. Absurd

    I hate essays

    Who wit' me? :(
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