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  1. Winston Legtight

    The Aquarian IANADOAC review by Vinny Cecolini

    Fantastic album indeed! :rock: :guitar:
  2. Winston Legtight

    Maximum Volume review by Damian Sullivan - IANADOAC 9.5/10

    9.5?? This album is a 10! :guitar: This is a masterpiece and a milestone for Morrissey :sunglasses::rock:
  3. Winston Legtight

    Happy Birthday Morrissey! Morrissey turns 60 - May 22, 2019

    Happy Birthday to you, Morrissey!!!! Thank you for your fantastic new album!!! :thumb::thumb::guitar::bow::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  4. Winston Legtight

    Giving new love to old links - a few FLAC FM gigs

    Thanks a lot! I loved that tour! This is a great add to my collection! Great setlist! I was looking for a show from 2002 with the same title but I cannot seem to remember where it was. Thank you.
  5. Winston Legtight

    Giving new love to old links - a few FLAC FM gigs

    Thanks a lot!!:thumb: Could you please, if you can, upload the "I Hope You're Wearing Pampers" show?
  6. Winston Legtight

    Santigold lists The Smiths in Favourite Albums

    "Morrissey is not my friend" Morrissey is not my neighbor :p
  7. Winston Legtight

    Moz in studio photo with Devon Taylor (sousaphone) and Joe Chiccarelli

    the new album should be named : This is not Morrissey :D
  8. Winston Legtight

    Morrissey's December Speech 2017 - SER / YouTube

    Watching the video one can tell Morrissey does anything, will risk everything for world fame. He's been killing The Smiths for me these days
  9. Winston Legtight

    Santa Ana, CA - WWWY Festival (Apr. 8, 2017) post-show

    Nice setlist! It could be improved though. This is what I think could do well on this tour: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Suedehead Alma Matters Stop me… One of our own The more you ignore me… Everyday Is Like Sunday November Headmaster Late night… My love life Shoplifters Of...
  10. Winston Legtight

    I don't give myself away that much.

    I don't give myself away that much.
  11. Winston Legtight

    Noel Gallagher on Morrissey and Marr (Bournemouth Echo)

    I agree to this... but why not write an album as a trio? Johnny Morrissey & Noel Bird!:D It could work, y'know! :squiffy:
  12. Winston Legtight

    TTY: Public Enemy! - photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    Next level?? Now what? Fake his own death? :squiffy:
  13. Winston Legtight

    Morrissey signed to Harvest (Capitol); to record in France with producer Joe Chiccarelli

    "Does anyone have any other collaborators they would like to see on board ? Lets have a list going. No 1 POISON IVY (Benny-t-B) Benny-the-Butcher" I'd bet on that guy from A-HA: Pal Waaktaar? sorry the mispelling, I'm not english.
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