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  1. George the 23rd

    Stephen Street on Morrissey (Mojo 327, February 2021)

    Related Item: The Telegraph: "Stephen Street on falling out with Morrissey, the Britpop wars and getting Pete Doherty to behave" (December 15, 2020) - December 15, 2020
  2. George the 23rd

    Shaun Duggan with Morrissey letter and photos- Segment in The People’s History of LGBTQ Britain

    Watching the second episode of Prejudice and Pride: A People’s History of LGBTQ Britain (originally broadcast in 2017, but available again for 22 days on iPlayer), was pleasantly surprised to find an extensive segment on the writer Shaun Duggan and his connection to Morrissey...
  3. George the 23rd

    Morrissey's List of the Lost: 15 alternative book covers
  4. A

    "World Peace..." included in Trust The Wizards podcast Best of 2014 List

    An anonymous person writes: Congratulations to Morrissey for being included in The Trust The Wizards best of 2014 podcast: Podcast number 33: Rebel Rikkit’s Best of 2014 - Trust The Wizards Added by George the 23rd: The discussion of World Peace starts around the 1 hour 40 minute mark, for...
  5. George the 23rd

    Favourite lyric from World Peace

    You're that stretch of the beach That the tide doesn't reach No meaning, no reason The lonely season
  6. George the 23rd

    Ideas for music videos for songs from World Peace

    As Morrissey puts little to no effort in his music videos (and we probably won't get any from World Peace other than the spoken word videos), I thought it would be fun to see what ideas for music videos anyone has for any songs from World Peace. I'll start off with a few poor attempts at...
  7. George the 23rd

    NME- Morrissey: 50 Geeky Things You Never Knew About The Smiths Icon

    NME's increasingly desperate crusade to gain a Morrissey interview (and sell their ridiculously overpriced "Collectors Edition") continue, this time with "50 nerdy pieces of Moz trivia" that will already be known to anyone who read Autobiography. Some of the pictures are nice, though...
  8. George the 23rd

    This is my first post

    With the increasing buzz surrounding the new album, now seems a good time to stop being a mute witness and sign up :)
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