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    Songs Morrissey should cover

    I was listening to 'Blasphemous Rumours' by Depeche Mode and it struck me as being very Morrissey-esque somehow. It would suit his voice, I think. I'm not sure if he has ever expressed an opinion on Depeche Mode, my gut says it was probably negative if he has though. So I think I'll just need...
  2. javert

    'Andy Burnham Says Morrissey Was An Inspiration' - Huffington Post

    Andy Burnham Says Morrissey Was An Inspiration But Risk Of Feeling 'Slightly Superior' Made Him 'Go Off' Smiths - Huffington Post Excerpt: Andy Burnham has revealed how indie icon Morrissey is to "blame" for him becoming a politician, but also how he started to "go off" The Smiths for fear of...
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    Morrissey T-Shirts

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me out, I'm looking to buy a few Morrissey t-shirts. Due to issues in the past, I'm quite cautious about quality/delivery etc. Does anyone know of any good sites, outside the official online store (I'm not overly keen on these ones so much), that sell good...
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    UK Child Abuse Inquiry

    I know this isn't the most pleasant of subjects, but after doing some research on the internet, it seems that this could be one of the biggest scandals in modern British politics. It is bad enough that such things have happened, and no doubt continue to happen, but what potentially makes it...
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    Glass Menagerie/Belfast

    So I found out about these two tracks (or "ideas" as someone described them) tonight and I'm wondering if there's any kind soul out there who happens to have them and could, by any chance, share them. I found an old thread but the link doesn't work anymore sadly. Apparently they are "promising"...
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    Morrissey slammed for glamourising suicide

    Just came across this when searching in Google: :lbf:
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    MSN Say Morrissey Is Overrated

    Just signed out of my hotmail account and seen an item on their home page about the most overrated artists of all time. Curious, I had a peek. And they've put Morrissey on the list! :confused:. To be fair they're not entirely scathing, they praise The Smiths and Viva Hate and say that he's never...
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    Good Result For Celtic

    2-0 on the night. Good performance, good result :thumb:
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    Last Night I Dreamt......Sound of The Smiths

    I don't have Sound of The Smiths, I've been listening to it on Spotify recently though to see if any of the tracks were, in someway, different to the originals. I think I can remember Johnny Marr was involved in the remastering? So I was shocked to hear that the intro to one of my favourite...
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    Wonderful Woman

    Hey people. I already have "Wonderful Woman" but its a bit crackly, I think mine is taken from The Troy Tate Sessions. While perusing Spotify however I noticed that on The Sound of The Smiths there's a version I never knew existed. Its much cleaner and sounds better than the version I have. I...
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    No-one Can Hold A Candle To You

    I could be wrong but I think Morrissey did a studio version of this song? Or a demo or smething, I'm sure I heard a version which wasn't taken from a gig. If so, does anyone have this and could they please send it? I'd be very grateful.
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    I Keep Mine Hidden

    Hi, does anyone have this song? I have just about every song by The Smiths except this one, I've looked it up on youtube and I heard Moz play it live on Radio 2 and I love it. Any kind soul who can upload this somewhere will have my eternal gratitude!!!
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm sure someone will sort me out! Just wondering if everyone knows about Spotify? Maybe I'm slow but I came across this the other day, and its amazing: It basically gives you access to loads of music. Its...
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