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  1. Midnight Cowboy

    Smiths: Portugese pressings

    good evening. for quite a time now I have been noticing that portugese pressings of smiths lps (transmedia) are very common over here in germany (you'll find them all the time in 2nd hand shops). I almost have the impression that they are just as common as the actual german versions. anyone has...
  2. Midnight Cowboy


    i'm going to fly to stockholm tomorrow. can anyone recommend some nice places (clubs, shops, bars...)? I've never been there before so any "insider"-tipps are highly appreciated. thanks a lot. :)
  3. Midnight Cowboy

    addresses on 'hand in Glove' 7"

    i have a question regarding the 'hand in glove' 7". i heard that there are several versions with different addresses on the backcover (manchester, london) or none at all, respectively. could anyone tell why there these differences and which version is the rarest? thanks a lot for your help.
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