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  1. ricardodecruz

    Used to be another song?

    Anyone recognise the melody:
  2. ricardodecruz

    NME strike again
  3. ricardodecruz

    NME Big rip off
  4. ricardodecruz

    I Have One Vinyl Dream

    Why are the singles no longer released on 12" anymore?
  5. ricardodecruz

    Oasis named Most Mediocre act at Q Music Awards Ceremony

    Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and U2 were the big winners at the 2006 Q Awards, with Oasis being crowned Most mediocre act in the world today. The band's Noel Gallagher also collected the formulaic songwriters award for releasing the same old shit year in year out at the London ceremony. The Arctic...
  6. ricardodecruz

    from UK need 1xMexicoDF ticket will not let me purchase a ticket from UK!!
  7. ricardodecruz

    Help please - MexicoDF Moz Ticket?

    It turns out that i'm visiting the city, from the UK when Moz is playing but will only accept Mexico billing addresses . . Anyone else have an idea of where I can get tickets? Cheers
  8. ricardodecruz

    MEXICO tickets cannot be purchased?

    Has anyone successfully ordered tickets for the Mexico DF concert using an overseas billing address? I can't seems to be able to enter a non-Mexico address, the country field is greyed out!
  9. ricardodecruz

    Midweek Chart Position?

    Has anyone seen any information on this? should be interesting considering the festival mobile media whore like behaviour!
  10. ricardodecruz

    After the Palladium on 28th

    Where's everyone planning on going after the Palladium gig on 28th, any decent places to go, anyone planning on going to Quarry Night at the Loop?
  11. ricardodecruz

    Reading Hexagon - More Tickets Available

    Just spoken to the Reading Arts box office and they have some more tickets available for Wednesday 17th, get 'em before the touts do on 0118 960 6060 option 1 Cheers
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