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    Early version of Piccadilly Palare with different lyrics

    I´ve heard now numerous times about an early version of Piccadilly Palare which seems to have totally different lyrics, maybe even a different musical arrangement. Has anybody on this board ever heard this version or can share some information about it. If you don´t want to share information on...
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    TMYIM soundcheck-version

    Any info on this or does anybody still has a copy? Seems there was some concern about it being legit
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    The Smiths unreleased demos cd

    Any thoughts on this one...
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    Question: What´s the story behind these "Irish" pressings?

    Anybody know something about these "Irish" pressings?? Can´t find any info on pjlm!

    Boz Boorer - Bozanova (Official Video)

    Published on Feb 20, 2013 BOZ BOORER - "Bozanova" taken from the album "Some Of The Parts" Video by: + Filmed on various locations in Mexico (Los Mochis, Torreon, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico City) + Very special thanks to Florian Tanzer +
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    Any Phillip Boa fans on the forum

    Hi all, was just wondering if there are any Phillip Boa fans active on the forum?? Anyone able to share the Malta tapes with me?? That´s the only release I haven´t been able to get. Thanks in advance.
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    Hollywood Bowl

    No, I´m not the seller. For our members in the USA, another one has appeared on ebay
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    Alma Matters video

    Does anyone have the "correct" version of this video or the audio??? I´ve never seen it before and Warner has obviously blocked the original version. :crazy: Thanks in advance
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    Question to the collectors on this forum

    How many of German Unverkäufliche Musterplatten were normally produced for a Morrissey release? Any suggestions????
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    Best of ... promo on fleabay

    No I´m not the seller, just for your information. I think it is the same seller who sold the first Bona Drag-promo´s last year. Same outfit as the regular edition but without text, see Bona Drag. They...
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    "Morrissey - Live At The Hollywood Bowl" promo DVD sold on eBay auction #270726527548 So, who is the winner and will we ever see another one for sale? Got outbid, as always:tears: Promo copy of Morrissey Live At The Hollywood Bowl. This was originally meant to be released in 2008, but was cancelled at Morrissey's request Disc is a fully...
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    Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl So, who is the winner and will we ever see another one for sale? Got outbid, as always:tears:
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    The very best of promo on fleabay The first I´ve seen
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