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    Upcoming event: free medical and dental care in Sacramento and Oakland

    This seems like a good deal for anybody near those areas who might need some care but is a little short on the fundage: Remote Area Medical
  2. Black Cloud

    No, I cannot steal a pair of jeans off a clothes line

    Has anybody here ever tried to shrink a new pair of Levi's to fit? Any tips? If they fit as well as people say, it will be worth having blue legs for awhile.
  3. Black Cloud

    Worst music video ever!

    My candidate: Can anybody top this?
  4. Black Cloud

    "I was a small, fat child in a welfare house..."

    Anybody want to talk about the economy? What's it like where you are? From The Washington Post
  5. Black Cloud

    I Dare You...

    To try this.
  6. Black Cloud

    "Left Wing Critics Of Obama Should Be Drug Tested"

    Let's Vote! Courtesy of The Guardian
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    Beethoven Was Deaf. Is Morrissey?

    Studies have shown that rock and classical musicians often have more advanced hearing loss than non-musicians of the same age. It's an occupational hazard. I know a hottie who says that this might explain Morrissey's recent penchant for that bigger sound. Other musicians have discussed...
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    My Palm Is Itchy!

    I need advice, I need advice...
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    Solo Summer Mix

    Anybody up for making a 2010 Summer Mix? I'd start with but what's next?
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    True to You

    or at least your bewbz: Click Here Black Cloud makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this link and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this link. No warranty of any kind, implied...
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    If you were Morrissey's Secret Santa...

    what would you buy him? The limit is twenty - poinds, dollahz, euros, bhat, whatevah.
  12. Black Cloud

    Is Morrissey A Friend Of The Earth?

    He's not very carbon neutral, is he? Should he care? Do you?
  13. Black Cloud

    It's over!

    Pirate Bay Being Sold I put this in the Other Music forum because we'd never download anything to which Morrissey owns the copyright.
  14. Black Cloud

    Thread Merge Request

    Can someone please clean up the board and merge all of the Michael Jackson (the poor sod) threads into one giant monstrosity please? There's so many, and I'm afraid I might accidentally step in one. Thanks. :)
  15. Black Cloud

    The One That Got Away

    Which single Morrissey or Smiths show that you did not attend do you most regret missing? Why? I know this probably has already been posted here, so feel free to link the old thread, somebody...
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