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  1. Stephen

    Kick Neal Cassady Down The Aisle

    Below are the first couple of lines (basically) of all 12 WPINOYB songs in order, arranged as some sort of poem. Why? Because we can: World peace is none of your business You must not tamper with arrangements Neal Cassady drops dead And Allen Ginsberg’s tears shampoo his beard Don...
  2. Stephen

    WPINOYB Customised Tracklistings

    So has anybody fiddled around with the tracklistings? I have, the extra tracks are so good that I have tried to incorporate them into some sort of double album of dark and light: Morrissey - Smiler With Knife 1. Neal Cassidy Drops Dead 2. Smiler With Knife 3 World Peace Is None of Your...
  3. Stephen

    Morrissey Solo or The Smiths

    If you could only listen to the catalogue of music from Morrissey solo or The Smiths (and the other could never be heard again), which would it be? :eek:
  4. Stephen

    Morrissey's Fashion Covered by Not a bad article. Not sure I agree that he has great style nowadays though - very hit and miss.
  5. Stephen

    New Album Tracklist Game

    So for a bit of fun, how about we make our own tracklist for the new album. The 5 new songs should be included (though I personally hope this isn't the case for the album itself, I'm looking at you 'The Kids A Looker'!) and let's say 12 songs in total. Try think of an album name too :) I'll...
  6. Stephen

    Survival Sunday

    In a perfect world, Brum and Wolves would be joining Wham going down to the championship...but if I can't have that, then please, please, please just KEEP ROVERS IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE!!!
  7. Stephen

    Glamorous Glue t-shirt?

    Anybody seen one similar at all online? Would love to have one. Thanks to anyone that can help at all!
  8. Stephen

    The Like

    Interesting girl band. Changed a fair amount from what they used to be (from what I have read). Only just really come across them, 60s girl band pop. Sound good? Give them a listen... P.S. The bassist is fiiine :p:guitar:
  9. Stephen


    Anyone ever tried to write one? Anyone ever succeeded? Any advice on it? I'm giving it a go, done a fair amount of planning, built a character portfolio and basic plots for each chapter, so here's hoping I can keep it up and actually complete it. It is a fantastic achievement for...
  10. Stephen


    I couldn't really sleep last night. It led to me spontaneously typing this 'article' on the need for 'want', that all humans have. What do you reckon? Want There must be something more. There simply must be something more. That is exactly what I think, daily. It is what I write about...
  11. Stephen

    Yours Truly

    Hi everyone. I've been slowly learning guitar and have managed to record a song. I've got a couple more that I hope will be recorded on the crappy equipment that I have in the next week or so. Anyway, I was wondering what you might think about it? It is very, very raw, I have very little...
  12. Stephen

    Feeling Down

    Hello everyone. Short time member here, but I do lurk well within the shadows of this messageboard. I am going through a tough time in life, I have been for a few years now. I am depressed a lot but appear to my friends as such a confident and happy guy. Today though, after a night out and a...
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