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  1. CharethCutestory

    What does Morrissey have on his sandwiches?

    I don't know..... but Marr might!
  2. CharethCutestory

    What does Morrissey have for his birthday tea.....?

    ..... I don't know. Probably vegetarian sausages or something. He doesn't eat meat init.
  3. CharethCutestory

    Avatar : An independant review

    In the film Avatar there is a precious mineral on the alien planet Pandora which the human race is attempting to mine because it's very valuable. The mineral is difficult to get because it is underneath the ground where some blue people live. The mineral is called Unobtainium. Review...
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  5. CharethCutestory

    Is it just me.....

    .....or do some of this forum's visitors use the word "vile" way too much. Seriously, learn some new adjectives.
  6. CharethCutestory

    Does Morrissey.....

    .....not know the difference between carnivores and omnivores? It's always struck me as odd for a man so wrapped up in language.
  7. CharethCutestory

    Stop Press - Indie Is Toss!

    Just seen NME-favourite-indie-toss-stain-darlings, The Fratellis, on Channel four doing a song called Mistress Mabelle. Am I the only person who realises that it's just a rip off of the George Michael penned, pop classic masterpiece, Faith? They don't even shout BAAAAAY-BAY! The tools.
  8. CharethCutestory

    Why don't you?

    SWITCH OFF YOUR INTERNET SET, AND DO SOMETHING LESS BORING INSTEAD! I posted the message below in another thread, but I thought it would probably be missed and I didn't want to deny anybody their right to call me a wanker (which as you can see is part of the reason that I joined), this isn't...
  9. CharethCutestory

    I went to see Die Hard 4.0 last night.

    I had wood pretty much constantly. That was down to this man. Awesome!
  10. CharethCutestory

    Is Robby still around?

    Is Robby still around throwing about unintelligible insults that sound like the ramblings of a f***ing maniac? Or has he gone? I was just wondering.
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  12. CharethCutestory

    How are things around here?

    Everyone still moping about incessantly? Then be more like this man and cheer up, it ain't all that bad!
  13. CharethCutestory

    Why have so many people been banned?

    There seem to have been loads lately. What's the story?
  14. CharethCutestory

    Is this.....

  15. CharethCutestory

    Have you ever met anybody you didn't kill?

    This picture of Murtah and Riggs isn't available.
  16. CharethCutestory

    What time is love?

  17. CharethCutestory

    There's a party over on Sunset.....

    This place is dead anyway.
  18. CharethCutestory

    I love touts!

    In December I managed to get Morrissey tickets for £23 each. I've just managed to get 2 tickets to see Jarvis at the Manchester academy for £15. Whilst I'm annoyed that I'm going to have to go and haggle outside the Arcade fire gig, it's always nice to get a bargain. Look on the bright...
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