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  1. lottie

    Grimsby standing ticket available...

    I have one spare.. in hand. face value + postage. pm me asap if you want it. (paypal only plz)
  2. lottie

    Happy Birthday CrystalGeezer

    Hope you have (had) a Fabulous day,
  3. lottie

    Req: BBC Radio 4 Front row interview 19/02/09

    anyone have this, or the link to the download of this, think it was in about february? front row bbc radio 4. id be very thankful, because i have a dear friend whos never heard it and i know she'll love it. :)
  4. lottie

    Queue photographer, Brixton tues 21st?

    anyone meet Brendan, he was around in the afternoon taking pics of queuers etc, said he'd put them on flickr, prob is i didnt catch his flickr account name, and i cant find any reference... anyone got his email or owt? thanks
  5. lottie

    Eagerally awaited albums of 2009

    from the MSN homepage, they picked a nice picture for a change... "The fact that the Morrissey single I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris is really quite good is, of course, no indication that its...
  6. lottie

    The Environmental Issues We (you) Ignore

    at the risk of starting the whole 'animals are there to be eaten debate' again... i saw this and thought it MIGHT be of interest to some people on here... *runs away and hides*
  7. lottie

    london sunday 20th?

    anyone in town on the sunday, wanna keep a shy little lottie company? (please):o
  8. lottie

    Wittiest Lyrics...

    on I thought i'd have a look, being cynical, I wa thinking they'll never put Moz in. how wrong was I, gorgeous pic too... :D brightened my day thats for sure.
  9. lottie

    2002 'tour'

    Was just messing around and found this... it is so proffessionally shot, what i'd love to know is, is there an official dvd/vid release of this gig, and where can i get my hands on a copy? Is it just me? but i get major...
  10. lottie

    Tony wilson dies!

    just heard on news 24, is he the giy i think he is? the slagging off Moz guy?
  11. lottie

    Morrissey in conversation book?

    Ok, as a few of us already know about this, and have been waiting AGES for it to appear (be a year soon :mad:) just thought i'd mention that amazon seems to have a different cover shot up now...
  12. lottie

    7 ages of rock..don't forget!

    bbc2 9pm... don't forget peeps. :)
  13. lottie

    A three minute education?

    Radio 4 prog that was on earlier today, about whether we can 'learn' anything from 'pop' songs... it was mentioned in the weekend times newspaper and had a piccie of Moz as apparantly it involves a bit about meat is murder.. worth a listen...
  14. lottie

    Morrissey shot and peepholism for sale

    I have a spare Peepholism into the art of Morrissey (by jo slee) & morrissey shot (by linder sterling) BOTH MINT CONDITION. I'd like £50 +postage for Peepholism ($96) I'd like £35 +postage for Morrissey Shot ($67) I will be putting them on ebay in a week or so, (no...
  15. lottie

    The Turtle Appreciation thread

    I believe that turtles 'rock' and are very understated creatures. A lot of species are also very endangered... DISCUSS.....
  16. lottie

    Father ted row! apologies for a non clicky link, as none of the controls work for me anymore... but this is very funny.
  17. lottie

    smilies not working?

    help! maybe its just ,e but i cannot get the smilies and image paste links etc to work, i tried clearing my cookies and logging in again, but to no avail any idea? moderators? anyone esle suffering with this?
  18. lottie

    why don't the functions work?

    Is it just me or are the smilies and the link insert 'buttons' not working? someone help, pleaseeeeeeeeee
  19. lottie

    december gig tix for sale

    i have spare tickets for- wembley arena (willing to sell them seperatly) upper tier block N3, row w... some of the best seats in the house. £39 each plus postage 1x Gmex 22/12 £40 +postage 1x Gmex 23/12 £40 +postage i would preferto do special delivery postage, as the tix have a...
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