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  1. veesix

    Fans who know each other at shows?

    This video shows some of the people I saw. One of the guys fighting for Moz's jacket was sitting next to me at the start but then he kept moving from seat to seat. Honestly, watching the crowd was pretty amusing itself.
  2. veesix

    Fans who know each other at shows?

    I've been a fan of the Smiths and Morrissey since high school but I only attended my first Morrissey concert in 2012. For the recent Hollywood Bowl show I splurged and bought Pool Circle tickets (closest section to the front). I got there early and as people filed in it was like everyone knew...
  3. veesix

    Hollywood Bowl 10/26/19 pool circle / pit fan connection

    I’ll be there! Red Johnny Marr shirt! Section E.
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