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    10/22/2007 Greatest Hits Tour

    I found my master recording from my Edirol R-09 from this show. It is in WAV. Would there be interest in me sharing this here?
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    2021-09-05 Las Vegas, NV @ Caesars Colosseum

    I got this in trade. This is not mine. Just sharing. Morrissey 2021-09-05, Las Vegas, NV MORRISSEY September 5, 2021 Caesars Colosseum Las Vegas, NV Source: Chure Audio CA-14 > Edirol R-09HR Taper: Luke Freteluco Lineage: WAV(M) [44.1] > FLAC Edits/EQ: +4.7dB...
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    Rivers released over 2000 demos on his site. Missed the big reddit link.
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    The Smiths - July 6, 1983 - Hacienda, Manchester, UK

    Just posted a day ago.... looks good.
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    Johnny Marr & Robyn Hitchcock "Tell Me About Your Drugs"

    This happened a few nights ago: Johnny joined Robyn on stage and they ripped through this Soft Boys classic.
  6. Chickpea

    Johnny Marr & Robyn Hitchcock play ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’

    Watch Johnny Marr and Robyn Hitchcock play ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ - Slicing Up Eyeballs Saturday night, Johnny Marr brought a special guest on stage for the encore of his concert in Portsmouth, England: Robyn Hitchcock, who helped Marr perform the Smiths classic...
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    October 19, 2012 Morrissey in Niagara Falls, NY

    Posted on Dime: enjoy! mike
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    March 21, 2009 Bowery Ballroom HERE

    MP3: I am also seeding this on DIME in FLAC: enjoy! midy Flyer, Ticket (they did exist!) and part of his shirt :guitar:
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    10/28/07 - Hammerstein MP3 download here
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    10/28/07 - NYC final nighton Dime

    I posted it on DIME. I will seed as long as I can. Any requests for format for sharing here? midy
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    One Day, Goodbye Will Be Farewell 10/22/2007 should be 10/23 NOT 10/22! midy
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    That's How People Grow Up 10/23/2007 midy
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    Human Being 10/23/2007

    Dolls Cover....
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    All You Need is Me 10/23/2007
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    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris 10/23/2007

    this is from my master. I will post others here too. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris enjoy! midy
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