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  1. dothewatusi

    Worlds Collide: Mash-up of The Smiths and The Misfits The Smithsfits mash-up the Smiths and the Misfits
  2. dothewatusi

    Strangeways Acetate 6.5.87

    Strangeways Acetate 6.5.87
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    New blog about Johnny Marr

    New blog about Johnny -
  4. dothewatusi

    TIALTNGO - Neil Finn and Johnny Marr - Jazz Cafe London

    Neil Finn at the Jazz Cafe in Camden Town with Johnny playing TIALTNGO on 24 October 2010. Neil received the Q Award for Classic Songwriter this evening in London.
  5. dothewatusi

    The Smiths' onstage/backstage video taken in Sheffield, 1984

    A video, originally produced by Grant Showbiz and others as "a souvenir for the band and the roadies on the tour" in 1984 using, in part, a stationary camera, is now up on youtube. Shots of them playing 'Back To The Old House' may be the only live video of the song. (1:35)
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    Spin Mag: The Queen Is Dead is the third most influential album in the last 25 years

    "How about those Smiths, huh?...You gotta admire a guy who can rhyme 'rusty spanner' with 'play pianner' and who can espouse the beauty of a double-decker bus collision." U2's Actung Baby is number one, observed by some as a cause for angst, not celebration. ;)
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    The Pixies Play London in June

    The Pixies will be playing "two very special, fan exclusive shows in London on June 3rd and 4th." :guitar: Tickets are on sale now and available exclusively here.
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    Bad Lieutenant/Bernard Sumner on Tour

    Bernard Sumner and his band Bad Lieutenant are on a short tour now in the UK and will come to the US for four shows in April. On Thursday in London, "the band gleefully swan dived into their (his) rich history to add a sizeable chunk of Joy Division and New Order classics" (and Electronic's...
  9. dothewatusi

    Johnny Marr's stolen guitar recovered

    Johnny Marr's 1964 cherry red Gibson guitar that was stolen ten years ago at a Healer's show in London has been recovered. :)
  10. dothewatusi

    Rourke jams with Smiths Tribute band in Brooklyn

    Andy Rourke sat in with the New York-based cover band Sons & Heirs at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.
  11. dothewatusi

    The Cure-The Blood-Spanish Promo on eBay

    Is this Spanish single of The Blood on ebay really that rare and worth $400 plus? Not that I'm going to buy it, but it'll be interesting to see the final price. :guitar:
  12. dothewatusi

    Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins call it quits after 23 years

    I hope the age difference wasn't a factor, but... :( LATimesBlog
  13. dothewatusi

    Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK

    November 22nd is the 46 anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America, in case you've forgotten.
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    Modest Mouse Live in Golden Gate Park

    Modest Mouse streaming live from The Outsiderlands Concert in Golden Gate Park, SF...without Johnny Marr (their loss). NOW!
  15. dothewatusi

    New Cribs video 'Cheat on Me'

    Cheat On Me is one of the new Cribs songs with Johnny playing some nice guitar.
  16. dothewatusi

    Does Your Love For Morrissey...

    translate to others? Love, peace and happiness. :) Happy Birthday, Morrissey!! :guitar:
  17. dothewatusi

    Eric Clapton and "the fate of virtuoso guitar solos"

    Eric Clapton is playing an 11-night run of concerts at The Royal Albert Hall. In discussing Clapton's virtuoso guitar solos, mention is made of other styles of guitar solos...:guitar: "However, a new type of lead guitarist also emerged in the 1980s. The Smiths’ Johnny Marr and U2’s The...
  18. dothewatusi

    Someone hacked into my computer last night...

    I had put my computer to sleep, and yet, in the middle of the night, the external harddrive was lit up. This morning I discovered that files on my desktop were renamed. :eek: I suspect that it's through the file sharing that I do. :( Any thoughts on how to keep them out?
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