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    Morrissey A-Z: "That's Entertainment"

    Where have you heard this version?
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Lucky Lisp"

    Thanks Famous when dead, that´s what I recall, too. I own this testpressing with the matrix POP 1620 B-1U-1-1 (no didn´t buy the one advertised on Ebay, got it somewhere else) and I really can´t hear any difference to the released version. So maybe only a myth.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Lucky Lisp"

    Where can I find the alternate version?? Think I haven´t heard it before...... I think rumours were that initial tesppressings had an alternate mix of Lucky Lips, but don´t know if this is true.
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    Advice on selling my collection

    You should post pictures on this facebook group, lots of experts who can help you...
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    Omega Auctions: "Day 1: Music Memorabilia / Day 2: Rare & Collectable Vinyl Records" (February 23-24, 2021)

    @joe frady That would be very kind of you. Looking forward to hear about more details;)
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    Omega Auctions: "Day 1: Music Memorabilia / Day 2: Rare & Collectable Vinyl Records" (February 23-24, 2021)

    @joe frady Would you let us know about the content once you managed to get through all those tapes?
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    Suedehead 7 inch Spanish TP

    Yes it is very rare and you should get some money for it ;)
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Black-Eyed Susan"

    Yes that´s correct. I have an Abbey Road reference cdr with Black-Eyed Susan being one of the b-sides. Has anybody heard the version with the "missing" third verse? I would really like to hear it, fingers crossed someday they (whoever "they" may be) will release a collectors edition of V&I with...
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    Morrissey Central "AND IT'S COMING FOR YOU" (December 20, 2020)

    His nephew is dumb as s***. I´m a physician myself and have now seen several young (!!! under 40 years) patients without co-morbidities who are still struggeling weeks and months after a COVID-19 infection (some with rather mild symptoms , some depending on ICU-treatment during the infection)...
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    Bargain or did you pay too much?

    picture please;)
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    It goes for much more, don´t sell it for 200 pounds;)
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    Early version of Piccadilly Palare with different lyrics

    Thanks FWD and Skylarker for the input. Member PrettyWhiteNeck posted in the Record Sore release Thread about this early version of Piccadilly Palare. I´ve heard rumours about it before, not sure which other member mentioned this early version, too. Probably in a thread dedicated to another...
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    Early version of Piccadilly Palare with different lyrics

    No I'm aware of the version you mentioned. Other members on here-sorry but can't remember who- have mentioned an earlier version with completly different lyrics exist.
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    Early version of Piccadilly Palare with different lyrics

    I´ve heard now numerous times about an early version of Piccadilly Palare which seems to have totally different lyrics, maybe even a different musical arrangement. Has anybody on this board ever heard this version or can share some information about it. If you don´t want to share information on...
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    Morrissey Record Store Day vinyl confirmed for August 29, 2020

    I´ve now heard numerous times about this early Piccadilly version with different lyrics but nobody has ever given more details about this. Can anybody share some more information about the lyrics? What about the music, is it similar to the released version?
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    Bona Drag - original tracklisting?

    This is correct, only these seven songs were recorded in the original Bona Drag sessions before the project was aborted and became the compilation album we all know and love.
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    It's Hard To Walk Tall When Your Small (slow version)

    The "slow" or better original version was shared by Uncle Skinny via soundcloud ...
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