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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    and therefore no money for a proper camera !! :D
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    Best Moz solo gig you've been to and you wish you'd have been to?

    Best was Utrecht, may 1991. First time seeing Morrissey and remember feeling quite nervous. Other Paris, nov. 2004. Driving 5 hrs, missed support, seeing Morrissey with great setlist and then driving back 5 hrs. Wished I had gone to Wolverhampton 1988. I seriously considered going, but in the...
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    I went to Utrecht the other day, one of the largest fairs in Europe. Bit disappointing as well. Couloured vinyl everywhere, as well as (other) Smiths bootlegs from recent years. I left with some stuff you could easily find elsewhere. Someone snapped up the Swords promo though. :guitar: You know...
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    Record Collector Nov 2009 - Morrissey Top 50

    I don't expect any surprises as to what is on the list. I am sure the order and pricing of items will raise a few eyebrows though....
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    November 9th - Nijmegen (Netherlands)

    well on Saturday Moz said, its Liverpool and its perfect, but then 3 minutes later... So you never know.;) Still, looking forward to tonight! My 10th time seeing Morrissey!
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    Ultra rare Morrissey promo 'Let Me Kiss You' 4 tk

    I used to buy them on Ebay Germany and sell them on Ebay UK, generally at a handsome profit of 40 GBP. :thumb:
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    Obviously I dont have a collection like you, but I am going through that right now. Hence my remark on selling ten copies of the German multicolored and go see the world. I haven't bought anything relevant in 18 months..... But I am still lurking here, so I guess time to sell has not yet come.......
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    Wow that is absolutely...ehrmmm.. weird:thumb: I would sell ten and go around the world. But that's me....
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    The cheapest 'rare' Mozza/Smiths item you've ever attained?

    Lot of 5x mint unplayed German ask 7" for 12 euro, Sheila 12" blue sleeve 1 euro, Smiths lot that included Sheila blue sleeve, Headmaser ritual cd, Heaven knows cd and 20 other smiths vinyl items for 47 euro. Green Girlfriend in a coma 7" for 3 euro's. That blue Morrissey promo cd for 3 euro...
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    Post your Smiths/Morrissey Shirts here...

    Hmm, hate to be the one to tell you this, but the dates are completely different from the dates as indicated on and in addition, the picture on the front was taken in Paris on december 1st, 1984 (last gig of that year), so that shirt has been made after the 1984 tour had...
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    FOR SALE: Rare Morrissey & Smiths CD Lot

    I can't believe people limit their auctions to the US. I mean, the difference is a more expensive stamp. And frankly, there are more Gene fans in, say, Llanddewi Brefi, then in the US of A.
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    Stone Roses are reforming (but John Squire denied)

    Re: Stone Roses are reforming Until then they are no more than Oasis fans: see manchester news:
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    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    Odd, I was thinking that last week. Not that I adored her but what had happened to her and Wikipedia states: Frischmann moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2005, where she studied visual arts and psychology at Naropa University, a small, Buddhist-inspired liberal arts college. In July 2008 Frischmann...
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    Rotterdam, Holland 6th June 09

    I think they offer tickets in batches, rather than all at once. Or it is just not sold out yet :-). Maybe only 500 people went mad ordering the tickets making the ordering system nearly crash and now the remainder is easily available....
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    Rotterdam, Holland 6th June 09

    So it went like this: yesterday: tickets on sale at dec. 19th today 9h45m : tickets sale postponed to 23rd december on website 9.50 call Watt Rotterdam; confirmation; correct no sale today. 9.55 website: sold out.! 10.00 start sale of tickets. !!!!!!!!!!!!! 10.01 sold out again. 10.09...
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    Australian versions query

    One of my favourites is the Aussie World won't listen CD with the original art work. So without the cropped version of the cover.
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    Take me back to dear old blighty clip

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but given the number of views not many seem to have seen it: on youtube
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    Overpriced Items

    down to $111. Thank God for the depreciation of the dollar! :)
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    Shirt worn onstage by Th'Lads.

    I agree, it is a great store to buy your shits. I bought my Bud Ekins shirt 18 months ago and as a dedicated follower of fashion, I guess it's time to move on :)
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