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  1. 21punksalute

    Atlantic City review by Ryan Loughlin - IANADOAC 3.5/5 Positive review, but keep in mind this stoner doesn’t like “Love is on Its Way Out”.
  2. 21punksalute

    New t-shirt on sale at show

    Is this the next album cover?
  3. 21punksalute

    Now Playing in Every Grocery Store in USA

    I was in my local Food Lion the other night and thought I was hallucinating when I heard I'm Throwing my Arms Around Paris. Then a friend called me to tell me the exact same thing had just happened to her mom at a different market in Florida. Five minutes ago I read a post on Youtube pointing...
  4. 21punksalute

    Sound Opinions gets told

    A few weeks ago these middle aged white geezers took a break from praising Kayne West and reviewed YOR. Although they both gave it a positive 'buy it' review, it wasn't good enough for Eliza from SC. You can listen to her rant at the end of last weeks podcast during the listener feedback...
  5. 21punksalute

    Durham reviews (all positive)
  6. 21punksalute

    Myrtle Beach sound check - now

    Skull, mama, charming, blk cloud, best friend - that's all so far
  7. 21punksalute

    YOR review in the Chicago 'Some'-Times

    Jim Derogatis takes a break from praising NAS and Ghostface Killa to review YOR.
  8. 21punksalute

    YOR Hot Press review 4.5/5

    I'm pleased someone finally noticed "one day goodbye..."
  9. 21punksalute

    REQ: Bye Bye Blackbird

    Does any one have this? Also Drive-in Saturday 2007 would be bliss. I dream of a 2007 tour compliation: Bye Bye Blackbird All You Need Is Me That's How People Grow Up I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris Drive in Saturday (2007)
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