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  1. Born In 1975

    Yes I Am Blind 91 live best source?

    What's the best available recording of this song from the Kill Uncle tour and would someone mind posting it? I don't believe a soundboard recording exists but I remember having a pretty good audience recording which I can no longer locate. All I came across on my hard drive is an audience...
  2. Born In 1975

    DM Sounds of the Universe deluxe tracks?

    Anyone know where I can download the first 5 tracks of disc 2? Surprised they're not on iTunes as they have every other crap remix on there but not the original bonus tracks (listed below). Willing to pay if there's another mp3 store that has them. Thanks. "Light" – 4:44 "The Sun and the...
  3. Born In 1975

    Anyone in the US pick up Swords deluxe version yet?

    I'm planning on going to Best Buy on my lunch break to buy a copy. However, I don't see the Deluxe edition listed on their web site. Can anyone in the US confirm there is a US Deluxe edition that's out today? Thanks.
  4. Born In 1975

    Interesting Drug meaning

    So I had my iPod on "Moz shuffle mode" and this song came on. Hadn't heard this oldie and goodie in a while. I started thinking about the title and meaning of it and realized I might have misunderstood it all these years. Is he singing about a drug that is interesting (e.g. "hey Bob, those...
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