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  1. Born In 1975

    That's the version! Thanks so much!

    That's the version! Thanks so much!
  2. Born In 1975

    Hi there. Thanks for posting the single version of James' "We're Going To Miss You"...

    Hi there. Thanks for posting the single version of James' "We're Going To Miss You". Unfortunately, looks like the link expired (just saw the reply today, doh!). I was the original poster in search of this version (not sure why I posted anonymously). Any chance of getting a re-up? Was...
  3. Born In 1975

    Ramones Fans? I need some guidance

    I would suggest starting out with Anthology which covers their entire career. As for albums, first two (S/T and Leave Home) are golden. 3rd and 4th (Rocket to Russia and Road to Ruin) are full of gems. Those first 4 albums are considered their best. Moz would probably agree. All the tracks...
  4. Born In 1975

    Help me find 2 songs

    Question. Are the BBC version of "People Are The Same Everywhere" and "The Kid's A Looker" on the Never-Played Symphonies volume sourced from the Playboys reissue promo CD? I’m guessing that’s the best source for them. Or is "People" a vinyl rip and "Looker" the digital download...
  5. Born In 1975

    'World Peace Is None Of Your Business' lyrics

    I LOL’d at this line. The catchiest song of the bunch. Although at time the music strays a bit into ABBA pastiche. Only Moz could ever make you want to dance along to a song about suicide though. Also, would Mr. Marr eat his heart out over the Spanish guitar bit at the end? Tops his bit in...
  6. Born In 1975

    Jessie Tobias - 10 years with Moz - thoughts?

    I agree. However, team Moz did reach out to Bernard Butler (of Suede fame) when Alain left. Granted Butler is not a household name but he is a critically acclaimed writer/player/producer. Story goes he passed on the opportunity to focus on The Tears reunion with Brett Anderson. For me, the...
  7. Born In 1975

    Morrissey "Autobiography" - indexed

    Anyone have a spare original copy of the UK edition they'd be willing to part with at a reasonable price? Or know of a feasible way someone in the US can get an original UK copy on the interent without jumping through too many hoops? I ordered the US version but once I found out it was a...
  8. Born In 1975

    Two Andy Rourke co-writes being played on this tour. Could it be...

    I wouldn't believe it until he plays Andy's magnum opus "Get Off The Stage" :guitar:
  9. Born In 1975

    Whatever happened to Alain Whyte?

    Re: Fyi I was at this SB show and it was one of the best Moz shows I've attended. It was a seated venue but once the lights went off it turned into chaos. After the show it looked like a bulldozer went over the first few rows. More than the usual amount of fans made it up on stage which...
  10. Born In 1975

    Yes I Am Blind 91 live best source?

    Thank you both. Wonder if a soundboard of the Wembley show exists and just hasn't made its way out.
  11. Born In 1975

    Yes I Am Blind 91 live best source?

    What's the best available recording of this song from the Kill Uncle tour and would someone mind posting it? I don't believe a soundboard recording exists but I remember having a pretty good audience recording which I can no longer locate. All I came across on my hard drive is an audience...
  12. Born In 1975

    Maladjusted Reappraised

    I count 6. Are we all on the same page or have I missed something? Thanks. I Know Who I Love Kit Spencer co-written version of Walk Tall Northern Leaches (Is it known if this is just an early recording of Couldn't Last or a completely different song?) I'm Not Worth Hitting (Was this...
  13. Born In 1975

    Passions Just Like Mine RIP

    Re: Passions Just Like Mine RIP Has all that data really been lost? Just thinking about all the setlist! Did I miss something? Did Moz sick his hounds on Stephane or something? Or, like many of us recently, just started to lose interest cause of his holiness' shenanigans?
  14. Born In 1975

    Morrissey Master Mixes - French promo cassette

    I think he's asking if the versions on the tape or 12" are the same version/mixes as the commercially available ones. Speaking of which...a bit off topic but in the same vein... At the time, I remember some fanzines reporting that Black-Eyed Susan was slated as one of the b-sides to The More...
  15. Born In 1975

    What song will Morrissey omit from a Vauxhall remaster?

    and in its place he'll shoehorn the demo of Kit :crazy:
  16. Born In 1975

    LA tickets pre-sale!

    I passed. From experience, they tend to make crappy seats available on "pre-sales". Been burnt too many times. Hollywood Bowl being the last time. I purchased some crappy seats...the day before the show, Ticketmaster releases pit tickets at face value on their website. I was tempted to buy a...
  17. Born In 1975

    LA tickets pre-sale!

    So is this going to be a seated event? I saw Depeche Mode there way back in 1997 and it was GA floor. Anyone know what arrangement Moz will have?
  18. Born In 1975

    Boycott Morrissey Concert Until He Lifts the Ban on David

    Re: Why real Morrissey fans should boycott Morrissey-solo. How is “jm26” less anonymous than posting with the anonymous option? Unless we all start using our real names with our passport picture as our avatar then it’s silly to say get rid of anons. How is a post by “born in 1975” stating...
  19. Born In 1975

    Mozzer attacked by dog!

    Apparently dogs don’t like his new songs either :p
  20. Born In 1975

    Beethoven Was Deaf vs. Live At Earl's Court

    So we know that Beethoven was taken from two shows and we know which songs are from London and Paris. Has anyone ever figured out which songs on the Earls CD are from what show? I’ve listened a bootleg of Earls and there are several parts where Moz is off mic. Did they just overdub the...
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