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    World of moz cassette help

    Hi, picked this sealed cassette up last week, was gonna add it to Discogs database but would you add it as a ‘gulf states’ or ‘Saudi Arabia ‘ edition? It’s on stallion label as you can see who are a Saudi Arabia company. People get pretty anal on Discogs when stuffs not right.
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    japanese promos for sale

    Hi Ive got 4 morrissey promo cds for sale and an lp and 12". ALL are japanese promos cds november spawned mint except a case crack my love life mint sealed world of morrissey sealed live at earls court mint lp strangeways here we come promo 1cm obi tear excellent rest 12" The boy with the thorn...
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    Considering selling my smiths/Morrissey collection

    Hi All, Im reluctantly selling my whole collection which comprises of vinyl, cds, cassettes, laser discs. Its pretty massive, a lot of its still sealed. Lots of promo stuff, japanese promo 12"s, promo vinyl, promo cds, etc etc. Id rather sell as a job lot. Wheres best? I have it all logged into...
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    New music best for a long yime

    I’d just like to put it out there that I reckon I wish you lonely is as good as Alsatian cousin was on viva? I’m buzzing for the new stuff it’s so so much better than world peace. Hey, he ain’t 25 years old anymore! I’ll be in the queue for the test pressing in London , fingers crossed. I would...
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    Your favourite/best phase of Moz?

    For me moz circa the tomorrow video is THE BEST I’ve ever seen him look. I’m 47 my 2 lads 18 and 20 years old often get subjected to this video. For me far and away the best he’s ever looked!
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    Resident music accepting pre orders for clear 7" spent the day in bed

    Resident music accepts pre orders for 7" 1 per person
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    "Low In High School" limited edition green vinyl and art print - pre order available on HMV

    Hmv pre order for green vinyl available now on Hmv site Low in High School (Limited Edition Green Vinyl) - HMV £22.99 Released: 17th November 2017 BARCODE: 4050538337938 Limited Edition Green Vinyl PLUS exclusive 12”x12” art print of the album cover for the first 1000 sold!
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    "Spent The Day In Bed" - new single debuts on BBC Radio 2 / The Chris Evans Show (Sep. 19)

    Chris evans just said hes playing the new song at 8am this morning on bbc radio 2 UPDATE: Download thread by Famous when dead. Posted by Thewlis: It's on Spotify now! vegan.cro posted the link to the official lyric video on YouTube: "Spent The Day In Bed"...
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