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  1. Reggie-Kray

    I wonder how long...

    it will take for the tabloids like The Sun to pick up on this 'Morrissey urges the Queen' story, and then make some reference to The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead titled album? I doubt Moz will ever make the New Years Honours List, somehow:) Not that he'd be bothered in the first place. NME are...
  2. Reggie-Kray

    Star & Garter Friday March 6th

    Anyone else going?:)
  3. Reggie-Kray

    Star & Garter Nov 7th

    Anyone going??
  4. Reggie-Kray

    Star & Garter Friday 1st August

    anyone else going? I'll try my best to be there:)
  5. Reggie-Kray

    Star & Garter Friday 6th - anyone going?

    hopefully I'll make it:)
  6. Reggie-Kray


    David are you planning to resurrect the chatroom in any fashion? It was the main thing I used to come here for after reading the main news page. Anyone else got anything to add to this?
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