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  1. Chip

    What's the song meaning of "When you open your legs"? What is it about?

    Per Morrissey on stage last night, "human sexual love."
  2. Chip

    Humor: fan brings earplugs to Morrissey concert in case he talks - The Hard Times

    People don't really get satire anymore. I don't know if it's a sign of times or this always been the case. Back when I was in high school, my English teacher used to tell us about the time a parent reported her to the principle for the "promotion of Jeffrey Dahmerism" after teaching "A Modest...
  3. Chip

    Washington, DC - The Anthem (Nov. 30, 2017) post-show

    Alright, this was my sixth time seeing Morrissey. It was also, if I am going to be perfectly honest, the first time I wasn't extremely excited to see him before hand. Between the lackluster nature of the new album and just the constant and unnecessary controversy over unneeded remarks, even for...
  4. Chip

    Should Morrissey 'do a Morrissey'?

    Morrissey is touring a lot, but he is a pretty great live performer still and most people I know who have seen him post 2011 think the same. He has always played smaller venues, but he was still selling them out up until like the third or fourth round of cancellations, which I think hurt him...
  5. Chip

    Why is Morrissey allowing his nephew to turn his uncle's career into a joke?

    The Smiths, probably Viva Hate (and by extension Bona Drag), and possibly Vauxhall and I. Sam Etsy isn't going to be remembered anymore than Morrissey with sideburns, gold chains, and fake cuts and bruises.
  6. Chip

    Johnny Marr - Fender (interview and live); (on writing autobiography)

    People who say they don't want some sort of reunion are lying. Having seen both Morrissey and Marr live and been blown away with both I cannot help but think about Morrissey's voice (which live is the best it has ever been) over Marr's playing. I mean is there anyone who would really tell me...
  7. Chip

    Johnny Marr - Fender (interview and live); (on writing autobiography)

    Re: Johnny Marr - Love from Hospital Club London (interview and live) On this site? Yes. He also gets criticized for not including enough.
  8. Chip

    "How The Smiths Pioneered Normcore" - GQ

    An article about how the Smiths wore unique clothes because the clothes they wore were not particularly unique? I have never read this before! I mean I sort of got "Smiths were the original hipsters" articles, because I can kinda see it, but norm core? Is that like wearing sweatpants or...
  9. Chip

    Marr, 8th Oct 2015: "It's a shame The Smiths aren't on better terms (with each other)"

    Probably the best possible outcome would be a joint tour where they both play their solo stuff with their respective bands (which I am pretty sure they both are convinced is better than The Smiths) and than do a joint set together of Smiths stuff. Though a reunion is probably more likely than that.
  10. Chip

    "List of the Lost" enters UK Paperback Fiction charts at #3 - The Times

    Valid point and that is certainly how his albums are able to spring to the top of the UK charts despite selling few copies. However, I would note that both Autobiography and List of the Lost got far more press attention that any of his more recent albums. And Morrissey's status as a cultural...
  11. Chip

    "List of the Lost" enters UK Paperback Fiction charts at #3 - The Times

    Well there is no such thing as bad publicity I suppose. And it did get quite a bit of attention. So.
  12. Chip

    Clearly Morrissey is outflanking you all again

    Um...ok. For the record, I think Southpaw Grammar is a criminally underrated album. I have seen Morrissey live five times since 2012 and he is a superb, tip top live perform. I would see him five more times. Fifteen even. I would consider him to be a genius. Art can be criticized. The Beatles...
  13. Chip

    Clearly Morrissey is outflanking you all again

    I've spent a lot of time on here arguing with people who have a very unhealthy, obsessive hatred of Morrissey. People who for some reason feel the need to devote their lives to their hatred of a stranger and often times make up things out right and ignore facts. I am fairly certain that none of...
  14. Chip

    TTY: List of the Lost, number one

    No one tell Morrissey, but no. 4 in Gothic Romance is List of the Lost Kindle Edition...
  15. Chip

    Alain Whyte reminisces about "Southpaw Grammar" on Facebook, released 20 years ago (Aug. 28, 1995)

    Re: Alain Whyte reminisces about Southpaw Grammar, released 20 years ago today I've always thought Southpaw was a criminally underrated album.
  16. Chip

    Art-hounds - Album or Live?

    There a lot of missed opportunities for singles. That seems to be the story of Morrissey's solo career. However, it is unquestionably Morrissey's best song in...along time. And I do agree with you that it is the most "characteristically" Morrissey song in sometime. I think lyrically its almost...
  17. Chip

    Art-hounds - Album or Live?

    No, please be that guy. I know next to nothing about flamenco music so I was really grasping at straws with that comment. I do hear the big band/swing sound to it and that makes sense. Thanks!:thumb:
  18. Chip

    Morrissey on "Larry King Now" (Aug. 17, 2015 - airdate Aug. 19, 2015) - reminder/reports

    Or Stephen Colbert...I feel like that was less than a decade ago...
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