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  1. Helen

    2004 Backstage passes and tickets for sale

    These won't get you backstage for this tour, but you can at least pretend you did back in 2004 with these.... (scroll past the hairflowers... of course, you can buy those as well as you like, I won't refuse!) Click here!
  2. Helen

    Lyrics sources

    You may have seen the lyrics sources page on LASID, which is here. John, who ran that site, no longer has time to update it. Being a pedantic pain-in-the-bum librarian, I spotted more sources to add to it - so John let me use the content on his page on my own site, and edit it as I felt was...
  3. Helen

    Interview: Stephen Wright and the Salford Lads photo

    Bonjour... I recently interviewed the very charming Stephen Wright, who took the iconic Salford Lads Club photo of The Smiths. Pop over 'ere and have a read: Click here! He let me use some nice big versions of his Smiths pics too, so it's worth having a look even just for eye candy. ;)
  4. Helen

    Morrissey website in Italian

    Hello everyone! Bearing in mind that Moz's fans (sorry, 'audience') are all over the world, I have decided to have my website translated into different languages. So far, four articles have been translated into Italian.... so... cliccare qui! And soon there'll be versions available in...
  5. Helen

    NME "Queen Is Dead" special. Will it be very special at all?

    As I'm far more fabulous than all of you, the NME sent me this... And the following blurb.... The magazine which comes out this Weds (7th June) talks about how it influenced a generation and also has famous fans such as Liam Gallagher and Johnny Borrel talking about why its high on...
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