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  1. Jimmybob12

    Amanda Palmer Covers the Smiths `Please Please Let Me Get...` in Manchester

    I cannot stand her, writing a song called "Leeds United" that's nothing to do with the team and complete jibberish.
  2. Jimmybob12

    Tribute - The Smiths is Dead (1996)

    1. Queen Is Dead - Boo Radleys 2. Frankly Mr Shankly - High Llamas 3. I Know It's Over - Trash Can Sinatras 4. Never Had No One Ever - Bragg, Billy 5. Cemetry Gates - Frank & Walters 6. Bigmouth Strikes Again - Placebo (2) 7. Boy With The Thorn In His Side - Bis 8. Vicar In A Tutu -...
  3. Jimmybob12

    morrissey frink thread!

  4. Jimmybob12

    Best and worst lyric changes in concert

    "that song is about strawberry ice cream and vanilla ice cream, it isn't about anything else." 14/2/2000 Akron, Ohio
  5. Jimmybob12

    Is It Really So Strange...that these lyrics could be Moz at his most gay?

    Of course Moz' lyrics are gay, hand in glove for example, I wouldn't be suprised if this was about homosexuality also - sexual interpretations are another reasons why Morrissey's lyrics are brilliant.
  6. Jimmybob12

    TORRENT: The Smiths - Fighting Cocks, Birmingham - 3 June 1983

    Ah It seems I can't sign up to that torrent site :-(, thanks loads anyway
  7. Jimmybob12

    the Smiths vs..

    Yes, me :D I think Ill be checking this one out
  8. Jimmybob12

    question for the meat-eaters here

    I'd eat meat and if he gabbed on about him I'd ask him whats the difference in eating meat and finding leather suites erotic?
  9. Jimmybob12

    hang the ........... interviewer

    She seemed like she was trying to be clever and failed miserably, Morrissey said some pretty funny stuff.
  10. Jimmybob12

    What Morrissey song(s) embarass you?

    none of them, I love all the odd stuff thats what makes Morrissey great the gay stuff is epecially brilliant.
  11. Jimmybob12

    every one is kind

    thankyou, brilliant site this is.
  12. Jimmybob12

    How do you rate Mark Ronson's Stop Me

    Good song, plus it generates more intrest in The Smiths.
  13. Jimmybob12

    Conservatives & Morrissey Fans

    "we won't vote conservative because we never have, everyone lies" I'm a Labour party member so I wouldn't know. I love the anti-conservatism in his music it's brilliant, the anti-blair stuff im not too sure about - but I think I'll let him off.
  14. Jimmybob12

    Oxford 3-18-85 (Soundboard)

    does anyone have any of the artwork or a link too? thanksthee
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