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  1. motorways

    Beatles 2012 LP Box set,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=1892b2697a9b2844&bpcl=38625945&biw=1257&bih=680&tch=1&ech=1&psi=8WuoUO_AGenSigLSgIHwCw.1353214961666.11&sa=X&ei=nWyoUILzNcr2iQLquIDABQ&ved=0CFEQ8wIwAA#ps...
  2. motorways

    Morrissey - 2011-11-19: Santa Fe

    Morrissey - 2011-11-19: Santa Fe Community Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM [Audio] Part 1: Part 2: Part 3 (Includes the 320MP3 Raw Audio File and a folder of Images):
  3. motorways

    Morrissey - Reader Meet Author [Bootleg Vinyl Dub]

    Morrissey - Reader Meet Author [Bootleg Vinyl Dub] 01 Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Feat. Sandie Shaw 02 Springheeled Jim [Vauxhall And I Outtake] 03 Reader Meet Author [Acoustic Demo] 04 Born To Hang 05 Sunny (I'm not sure if this version is different from the one released) 06 Oh...
  4. motorways

    The Smiths - The Old Guard BBC Tapes: Volume 2 [Vinyl Bootleg Dub]

    320 MP3: AIFF 1: AIFF 2: AIFF 3: AIFF 4: And so much more...
  5. motorways

    Reposting this for Newbies.

    I first posted this months ago. I've been thinking it would be cool if everyone would take a few minutes to go through their hard drives and dig up any special tracks they can find. Such as alternate versions/unreleased and interesting live tracks, Morrissey and/or The Smiths. I'm sure the...
  6. motorways

    Morrissey on Dermot O'Leary, Radio 2 (Apr. 30, 2011, 3pm)

    Anyone have an mp3 version of this? Or were you all too busy with the wedding? Thanks.
  7. motorways

    Limited Edition Morrissey Art Prints from Phino

    This was in my inbox this morning.
  8. motorways

    The Smiths - Hang The DJ (Thrice!): bootleg vinyl rip stereo

    01 Hand In Glove [Alternate Mix from the 1983 Tony Trade (??) Sessions] 02 Vicar In A Tutu [Live on Whistle Test 20 May 1986] 03 Meat Is Murder [Paseo De Camoeens, Madrid, 05 May 1985] 04 This Night Has Opened My Eyes [Live TV Session on Y.E.S. 09 February 1984] 05 Accept Yourself [Birmingham...
  9. motorways

    Smiths plasma speaker
  10. motorways

    The Smiths - Peel Sessions 1983-1986 [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    01 Is It Really So Strange [Peel Session] 02 Rusholme Ruffians [Peel Session] 03 This Charming Man [Peel Session] 04 Reel Around The Fountain [Peel Session] 05 Back To The Old House [Peel Session] 06 How Soon Is Now [Peel Session] 07 London [Peel Session] 08 What Difference Does It Make [Peel...
  11. motorways

    The Armadillos - Everyday Is Like Sunday cover I stubbled across a Radio CD Sampler from 1994. You know, Green Day, Candlebox, Porno For Pyros, Adam Sandler, etc.. This was on there.
  12. motorways

    The Smiths - The Old Guard-BBC Tapes 1983-1986 [Bootleg Vinyl Dub]

    The Smiths - The Old Guard-BBC Tapes 1983-1986 [Bootleg Vinyl Rip] You'll have to deal with these being mono rips until I can sort things out. Handsome Devil Rusholme Ruffians Still Ill This Charming Man Reel Around The Fountain What Difference Does It Make? Nowhere Fast Miserable Lie Sweet And...
  13. motorways

    Jejune/Lazycain cover The Smiths

    Split 7" released in 2000. - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - Handsome Devil
  14. motorways

    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip] The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Reel Around The Fountain Rusholme Ruffians The Queen Is Dead Sheila Take A Bow This Night Has Opened My Eyes Untitled One (Marr Instrumental) Ask There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Is It Really So...
  15. motorways

    Would anyone buy this

    11x17" 3 color screen print heavy stock paper Hand stamped and numbered Here's some other stuff I've printed:
  16. motorways

    Slimline vs Jewel

    What CD singles came in both a slimline and Jewel case? And is it the difference between UK and US releases? or were there both versions for UK releases? And I'm mainly concerned with all releases prior to 'You Are The Quarry' Thanks.
  17. motorways

    Morrissey's Samples

    Does anyone have the ability to single out the samples used? I guess it'd have to be some sort of EQ reduction. Not sure how it'd be done exactly. But there are tons of them. It'd be cool to here them on their own.
  18. motorways

    Unbroken Meat Is Murder I have to have it!
  19. motorways

    Bootleg Vinyl Rips

    Times is tough with the recession and all. And no new Moz news. Here are some old rips, enjoy. Not sure how much I can trust the Places and dates on a lot of these. There are typos and songs are labeled incorrectly. So, who knows. The Smiths - Boyfriend In A Coma [Bootleg Vinyl Dub]...
  20. motorways

    Santiago 2004 4Nov2004 - Santiago (Chile), SUE II Festival A friend of mine just sent me a link to this show. I figured I'd share. It's a good one.
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