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  1. georgina

    Creepy shirt

    Here is another creepy Mozz shirt on Ebay.
  2. georgina

    The Italian book.

    I'm trying to find this one for my little Mozzy library. If someone has a copy, could you please tell me what's in it like photos, lyrics, interviews, etc. Also how many pages and is there any English text? and are there more of those fabulous striped shirt pics:D
  3. georgina

    Where's my sticker?

    In the top left corner of the magazine, is that a sticker? if it is, does anyone know where I can get it? There's a spot on my car window reserved for it.
  4. georgina

    Pageant Of His Bleeding Heart

    What's going on with this book? Amazon has a March release date but they have been dangling it in front of me since August. I searched Ebay and a few good book sites, no luck. I was wondering if it was available in the UK I'm starting to wonder if it even exists.
  5. georgina

    I'm looking for this book

    I don't know what the contents are and I'm pretty sure they're not in english but I dont care. I want it strictly for the cover. It has one of my favorite Moz photos gracing it. If anyone has it to sell I'd be tickled pink, or any other rare unusual Moz/Smiths books for sale, and I have Paypal.
  6. georgina

    Morrissey's 50th Birthday

    In the not to distant future. How do you imagine he'll spend this day? What will you do in honor of the occasion? And what gesture or statement could Solo make to catch his eye?
  7. georgina

    Anyone get the poster yet?

    I heard the poster you are supposed to get with the ticket package would be available at the box office prior to tonights show (which I couldn't make it to) Did anyone get it yet? What does it look like and will it still be available to pick up on Sunday? God I hope so cause I reeeeeeeaaaaaly...
  8. georgina

    One Year Ago

    I just wanted to share my fangirl story with the communuity. It was one year ago today that I first heard the voice of Morrissey (and the genius of Johnny Marr). Long story short, I was listening to a cover version of This Night Has Opened My Eyes from a punk band I was into. I liked the...
  9. georgina

    More Hammerstein pass questions. help!

    I'm not trying to brag or anything but I've got my 5 tickets and a receipt confirming that they are the package deal in my happy hands. The trouble is that my hubby purchased the tickets with a credit card in his name, and his is the name on the receipt. I was wondering if this will be a...
  10. georgina

    Got Flowers?

    I would really love to bring flowers to the shows. Is this corny of me? :o Will I be banished to the geek section? Then so be it. :D
  11. georgina

    Smuggling Cameras

    I was considering smuggling a small, disposable video camera (the size of a cigarette box) into the Hammerstein. Can someone who's been there tell me how serious the security is? And if I did manage to get it inside and was caught using it, would they just confiscate it or could I possibly get...
  12. georgina

    A disturbing image

    I saw this tshirt on ebay. I'm not clear on the message here, but Mozz made into a swastika offends my eye. anyone else?
  13. georgina

    Request: The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

    Does anyone have MP3 of the 7" version of this? Help rescue my record before I wear it out.
  14. georgina

    Smiths Madrid 1985

    Can anyone tell me if this exists on vinyl? If so, does anyone have a copy for sale? Even a silver pressed cd would be nice.
  15. georgina

    The Welcome Mat

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. Well not brand new, I've been lurking around for a few weeks but this is my first post. I want to make some useful contribution so here goes. For all you zero posters out there, here is a place to get your feet wet. Maybe your a little shy or a little lazy (both...
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