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  1. wolve

    Leonard Cohen

    It occured to me how prominent the idea of teaching is in his writing (songs and poetry).* But should we take this literally? Or see this in the light of Jewish tradition? Something else? *I wondered because I read "My teacher is dying". Oh, and because the exquisite "Teachers".
  2. wolve


    I can't get to my safety haven anymore. Under construction?
  3. wolve

    Roland Barthes

    But seriously, imagine how Barthes himself felt when he wrote this; a thousand times worse than readers who find some passages recognisable. I just can't get past it!
  4. wolve

    Roland Barthes

    I read it in Dutch actually. If you liked Goethe's "Die Leiden des jungen Werther", you should really read Barthes' book, it has so many elements of it in it to illustrate the phases of being in love. This book was just incredibly overwhelming, and it's great just to open it at a random page...
  5. wolve

    Roland Barthes

    Not only should he be adored because of what he did as a great literary critic, but everyone should read his book "Fragments d'un discours amoureux". Especially when your heart is broken. Especially then.
  6. wolve

    The National

    I really love their new album, Boxer and was wondering how their older work sounds like. Could anybody be kind enough to upload the relatively unknown "sad songs for dirty lovers"? Thankee.
  7. wolve

    The ‘Girls who like Football’ thread

    Chica and fishy like to chat from time to time about soccer. I'm sure they watch it for things other than the calves of the players. ;) edit: oh right, you were talking about American football.
  8. wolve

    Why is the educational system constantly failing me?

    After all, you're a practising troublemaker.
  9. wolve

    Van Morrison

    Thanks Johan! I tried ordering it via, but then saw that the price was around 23euri! I've already heard from people the album isn't so great, but the song "Astral Weeks" has enchanted me for weeks now...
  10. wolve

    Van Morrison

    Hmm, the price of the album is almost as much as for the Beatles' White Album. Jesus, I have one request (when others have inumerable more than me) and I get slapped in the face.
  11. wolve

    Van Morrison

    Silly my, I didn't remember you being in the Linguistic Team of Politeness. Your intralingual translation explains why nobody answered this thread. For f***'s sake, you went off topic!!!??!!ppppdd^^^ù$ùµ
  12. wolve

    Van Morrison

    What, I said please? :?
  13. wolve

    Van Morrison

    Does anyone want to upload 'Astral Weeks' [the album] please? Thanks!
  14. wolve

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Iron & Wine :: Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog)
  15. wolve

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Animal Collective :: Fireworks what's the day? what’s you doing? how’s your mood? how’s that song? man it passes right by me it's behind me, now it's gone.
  16. wolve

    What song are you listening to right now?

    The Triffids :: Unmade Love
  17. wolve

    Your Favorite Song of 2007 (so far)?

    New favourite: Scout Niblett & Will Oldham - Kiss Just gorgeous.
  18. wolve

    Meat is Murder graffiti

    Pictures of warfare never seem to miss their effect though.
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