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  1. bronxapostle

    my Smiths pics from thirty years ago June 18 NYC

    my BEACON 8th row center (well, fourteen of the best ones) are available to be seen at my instagram account. stop by for a look. these are cell phone photos of the originals, but vastly enjoyable. apologies for not capturing Johnny at all.
  2. bronxapostle

    March 28, 2009 Foxwoods famous aborted encore show thanks to my good friend larryrulz for uploading my world famous ba (brilliant analog) recording for this evenings show. it was a stellar sounding venue, just sad that it was typical casino mentality of "END THE SHOW, LET THEM GAMBLE!"...
  3. bronxapostle

    the Ball Busting Bronx Band does JEANE

    from a 1989 WNYU radio broadcast 10-19-1989!
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