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  1. jete tes devoirs au feu

    Super "William" Han(d)s

    I have a theory. Superhans is UncleSkinny's alter ego. Superhans is the manifestation of what U/S's moderator powers will not let him become, like an evil twin.
  2. jete tes devoirs au feu

    this is amazing

  3. jete tes devoirs au feu

    Who am I?

    Really, go on, guess....
  4. jete tes devoirs au feu

    We'll Let You Know

    Who do you think (or know) the 'we' is refering to in this song?
  5. jete tes devoirs au feu

    Michael Jackson - Blood on the Dance Floor

    Also on this day, 12 years ago, Michael Jackson released the single, "Blood On The Dancefloor". Let us remember Suzy, and all those whose number she had.
  6. jete tes devoirs au feu


    Take a look at this [/spoiler] ORANGE JEANS?!
  7. jete tes devoirs au feu

    The top ten things that really annoy women in bed

    1. Not shaving first It's hard to concentrate on reaching the giddy heights of sexual passion when someone's shredding your face, breasts and thighs to ribbons with coarse grade sandpaper. How do you think Mr Rippling Torso in the Gillette advert got to be a racing car driver and have...
  8. jete tes devoirs au feu

    Bank Holiday Boredom

    I'd like to get to know some (not all) of you a bit better. Read this questionnaire, then copy it, delete my answers and put your own in. And post it back in this thread, obviously. 1. Do you like cheese? Indeed I do like cheese. I could eat Camembert all day long. Bread, cheese and beer...
  9. jete tes devoirs au feu

    What's the worst piece of advice you've ever been given?

    Mine was probably, "just stand at the urinal with your cock out, mate". Said to me by a total stranger in a bar who was absolutely pissed and started telling me all the places in town where he has cruised for illicit gay sex.
  10. jete tes devoirs au feu

    Funniest Story of the Year
  11. jete tes devoirs au feu


    Justin, Russ or Ste? How to choose?
  12. jete tes devoirs au feu


    Is it just me or has this place gotten incredibly boring over the last week or so? Morrissey has a new album out, impending singles, and numerous concert dates. yet this place is still dead? Someone say/do something funny!!!
  13. jete tes devoirs au feu


    Gin is a fantastic drink. It tastes nice, doesn't get you too pissed and doesn't make you hungover. This is why Donald Cox, the Sweaty Fox, made it his drink of choice. Discuss Gordon's Gin.
  14. jete tes devoirs au feu

    webcam software

    hello. i'm looking for some free software i can use to capture video using my usb webcam. simply for a little "project" i have in mind, nothing illegal or pornographic. can anyone recommend a decent free piece of software i can use to do this? thanks in advance
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