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  1. CeciDeMorrissey


    You know what guys??? I think this: Morrissey has a serious or chronic illness of some sort (auto-immune maybe?) and he rebels against it and he doesn't want to accept it, but he goes on and on, and every other concert this illness reminds him he just can't ignore what's happening with his body...
  2. CeciDeMorrissey

    Is this Natalie Portman with a Morrissey inspired hair?

    Re: Is this Natalie Portman with a Morrissey inspired hair? Or I'm being too imaginat Well, I have to clarify I'm talking exclusively about the left picture, not the right one :) Just in case :)
  3. CeciDeMorrissey

    Is this Natalie Portman with a Morrissey inspired hair?

    I mean... in the left frame she looks just like him!!!! :eek:
  4. CeciDeMorrissey

    morrissey frink thread!

    Yesterday, for the third or 4th time I dreamt again I was married to Morrissey. And I called him 'husband'... And I introduced myself as Mrs Morrissey!!! I love it!!! The previous times were so lovely too... The very first time I was married to young Morrissey, the second and last one, to...
  5. CeciDeMorrissey

    What is your favourite track on "Swords" ?

    Friday Mourning!!! Blows my mind and heart...
  6. CeciDeMorrissey

    morrissey frink thread!

    OMG! I'd eat him with kisses! OMG I wanto to kiss him so badly :horny: What a gorgeous man he is. Gorgeous is an understatement.
  7. CeciDeMorrissey

    Morrissey photographed by the GREAT Jane Bown

    That belongs in the Frink Thread! :D :horny::horny::horny:
  8. CeciDeMorrissey

    The "it was foretold in the lyrics" thread

    That's called The Law of Attraction!! :s
  9. CeciDeMorrissey

    Morrissey collapsed on stage

    Don't worry guys... "His conditions is not thought to be life threatening". Let's pray for him and his soon recovery. He must learn when to stop!!! From Yahoo News: LONDON (AFP) – Singer Morrissey was rushed to hospital after collapsing on stage Saturday with breathing problems, emergency...
  10. CeciDeMorrissey

    MTV Latin Awards

    OOOOOOOOHHH MYYYY GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER!! Morrissey on an MTV Awards show!!! He reaaaally must have changed his mind about some things, or... he really loves Cafe Tacuba. BTW, those guys are great. They were a hit back in in the 90s here in Chile and they were one...
  11. CeciDeMorrissey

    Morrissey made of Lego

    Re: Morrissey made of Lego :D Anker!!! Give us the link!! This is fun :D hahahaha...
  12. CeciDeMorrissey

    Morrissey made of Lego

    A friend on Facebook had this album with record sleeves of different artists (Bruce Springsteen, The Strokes, Nirvana, and especially The Beatles) and while seeing it, voila!! I found it... I thought I couldn't but post it here... I hope it's not posted before, the search tool is not working for...
  13. CeciDeMorrissey

    The Smiths on Transformers 2

    I went through the 2 first pages of the General Discussion forum and I didn't see anything related. The movie just opened here on Thursday and I just saw it an hour ago. Thought it would put a smile on you... That's all. Ah, it wasn't a thread... That's why.
  14. CeciDeMorrissey

    The Smiths on Transformers 2

    I'm in the movies seeing Transformers 2 and on the first 5 or ten minutes there's a fire and a chaos scene in Sam Witwicky's house and he starts running like crazy and at one point behind him while he runs there's a big Smiths poster on the wall, white background, black letters, I just could see...
  15. CeciDeMorrissey

    Mexican Magazine "Dia Siete" w Moz on cover

    Just fyi it says: MORRISSEY The first (wishfully) fifty. In clear reference to his recent 50th birthday :)
  16. CeciDeMorrissey

    As I do every year, I just voted Morrissey for Sexiest Vegetarian Alive on I know it could be useless, but maybe someday... It'd be nice to see Morrissey on the cover as the winner... Maybe Russel Brand should campaign for him this year, given he already won the last one. Whatever... I just voted... At...
  17. CeciDeMorrissey

    Signed Vinyl at the Birthday Gig

    I agree! 1 of your copies, face value for Dave2006!!!! That'd be fair!
  18. CeciDeMorrissey

    Official Birthday Greetings Thread

    HAPPY BIRHTDAY MY BELOVED MORRISSEY... From the south end of the world... You just don't get a dimension of how incredibly endlessly loved you are... but you are!!! 50 years old and you get everyday more and more handsome and charming... THE MOST HANDSOME AND CHARMING EVER IN THIS WORLD... Love...
  19. CeciDeMorrissey

    morrissey frink thread!

    dear lottie, I feel so happy for you... You did a great job... I think we all frinkers should carry our signs to the shows, so he will understand is a global movement! Enjoy it and keep in your mind forever dear lottie... We love you for what you did... I hope one day will be my turn :)...
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