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  1. PiccadillyPalare96


    Hey everyone! Anyone out there have this new app “Nimses”? It occurred to me I had no idea what to post, so I decided to make possibly the app’s first Moz appreciation profile. Username is “Bigmouthstrikesagain”. Come say hi, follow me, enjoy the posts, or whatever. Have a few ideas. And...
  2. PiccadillyPalare96

    Aberdeen show

    Hey everyone! I managed to bag myself a ticket to Moz’s show in Aberdeen. Only 1 though. Any chance a fellow Morrissey fan fancies making a new friend in aberdeen in February?
  3. PiccadillyPalare96

    Never seen Morrissey live

    Hi all! Still fairly new to this site so I thought I'd chip in. I have a confession to make. In my short (seemingly long) 21 years on this earth, I have never had the privilege of seeing Moz in concert. I can sense the Moz concert veterans glare. With this new album announced, of which I have...
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