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  1. moz'art girl

    Tori Amos sings Take On Me during a concert

    For all the people who think a-ha are crap, here is Tori Amos singing take on me live::) Good Bye.
  2. moz'art girl

    a-ha's first two albums live on BBC2 with Oslo philarmonical orchestra

    For those that might interest, here is the link: Is is only available for 6 days.
  3. moz'art girl

    a-ha 's last song: "butterfy" (the last hurrah) I don't know why I am posting this here, cause not many people are interested in a-ha, sorry in advance; but if you like pop, here is a beautiful song, I think, the last a-ha will ever produce. Hope you will like it. This is the band 's swan...
  4. moz'art girl

    a-ha farewell tour in the USA May 2010

    Hello, if by chance some people want to see a-ha live in The States in 2010, it is time to buy tickets!!!:love: It will be the only chance to see them, because they will split on december.:tantrum: They are not extremely bold, as they visit New York and Los Angeles only.:sick: The 1st show...
  5. moz'art girl

    a-ha split

    Oh my god, I was a die-hard fan, that can't be true, I hate them!:tears::tears:
  6. moz'art girl

    What do you think of the new a-ha record? Here are some little snippets: it is very synth, isn't it? I love the 1st one. As I am so unhappy now, you can go and tell horrible things about that, I don't care.
  7. moz'art girl

    Can someone in London help me. it is awful

    Hello, I am sorry to bother you. I live a nightmare. My sister is extremely ill with cancer. She is condemned by doctors. I thought of maybe buying some product (chlorure cesium) sold in the USA. The problem is the "customs" don't allow the products to come to France. But they can arrive in...
  8. moz'art girl

    Morrissey in Norway in June It is on the 20th of june in Oslo, I think.. If google translation is OK, seats will be sold wednesday.
  9. moz'art girl

    More reviews of the " Sound of The Smiths" The Smiths - The Sound Of The Smiths (Rhino) UK release date: 10 November 2008 4-5 stars "Stop me if you've heard this one before... and let's face it most of you will have. This is the umpteenth in a long line of Smiths retrospectives. It's...
  10. moz'art girl

    A novel about two Morrissey fans

    Not very interesting news, but here it is nevertheless: " CONTROVERSIAL comedian Jo Brand showed her caring side in a visit to the county this week. The comic, who is well-known for a wealth of...
  11. moz'art girl

    "Portraiture Now: Feature Photography" at The National Portrait Gallery "Portraiture Now: Feature Photography" Open at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery Nov. 26 Photographers Katy Grannan, Jocelyn Lee, Ryan McGinley, Steve Pyke, Martin Schoeller and Alec Soth are featured in the National Portrait Gallery's...
  12. moz'art girl

    More Adventures in Bad Morrissey/Smiths Covers in Bizarre Places More Adventures in Bad Morrissey/Smiths Covers in Bizarre Places "Halfway through the NFL's regular season, most of us have finally gotten used to regularly hearing that countrified cover of Morrissey's...
  13. moz'art girl

    Artist Douglas Gordon donates an artwork depicting Morrissey to Maggie’s October 29 2008 The leading Scottish artist Douglas Gordon has donated an artwork worth at least £44,000 to cancer caring charity Maggie's. "The Glasgow-born artist, the first Scot to win the...
  14. moz'art girl

    Pete West (Fall Out Boys) quotes Morrissey,22606,24570813-16601,00.html (It is near the end of the interview.) "The best thing I every heard Morrissey say in my entire life was if you read the way people think about you, the good things they say about you and how they love you you're forced...
  15. moz'art girl

    The a-ha moment

    Sometimes, you really feel alone...:cool: That made me laugh a lot.:D
  16. moz'art girl

    HMV Inspirations Gallery at the Music Show- October 4 and 5 HMV Inspirations exhibition for Music Show 01 Oct 2008 A special exhibition focussing on musical inspirations as been lined up for The Music Show, which takes place at the RDS in Dublin this weekend, Saturday October 4 and Sunday October 5. The...
  17. moz'art girl

    A little mention of Morrissey in The Guardian "British rock has very little by way of comparison, and is the poorer for it. Morrissey believed that Manchester had so much to answer for, and said so, but where are the other songwriters paying tribute, for better or worse, to their...
  18. moz'art girl

    Manchester - rock'n' roll capital Manchester - rock 'n' roll capital Lanre Bakare 13/ 8/2008 MUSIC legends from the Hollies to Morrissey to Oasis have already put Manchester on the map. Now the city has been ranked rock...
  19. moz'art girl

    Jobriath's Elektra Albums Reissued On Collectors' Choice "So unnoticed was his passing that Morrissey tried to contact him in 1992 to see about opening for his tour." :confused:
  20. moz'art girl

    Morrissey's address-Holland Park Avenue?

    Excuse me, can someone give me the number where Moz lived? I cannot find here. As I am in Lodon, I' d like to see whew it is. thanks.
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