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    Alain Whyte YT: "The Edges Are No Longer Parallel" live (April 8, 2020)

    Great version of great song. From the good old times when b-sides were better than last 15 years a-sides. Alain departure was the end of moz, not 1 good album after that, from the current line up no one can write songs.
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    Morrissey's December Speech 2017 - SER / YouTube

    Der spiegel & british media didn't do anything wrong. They just simply published morrissey's words. Morrissey should know, if you say things like that, media will write about it. Morrissey said the words, morrissey is the only "guilty" one and morrissey is the reason for "haters". We "haters"...
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    Humor: fan brings earplugs to Morrissey concert in case he talks - The Hard Times

    The only nutbag is morrissey. It's starting to be fiasko per day now. And it still isn't David Tseng's fault that the morrissey news here are almost always negative. There wasn't negative news 15 years ago. Der spiegel story, morrissey didn't comment that story when it came out, he commented...
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    Morrissey's albums ranked

    To me, Southpaw grammar (the first version) was the last good moz album, meaning good from start to finish. From the latest i can't find 1 single good song. I wish Alain would come back, the band now can't do music. If only Boz would write the music, would be better, but the others are record...
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    Morrissey's albums ranked

    1. Vauxhall 2. Arsenal 3. Southpaw 4. Viva hate 5. World peace 6. Quarry 7. Maladjusted 8. Refusal 9. Kill uncle 10. Low in school 11. Ringleader
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    3 Helsinki World peace tour nights

    Morrissey - 3 Helsinki World peace tour nights (AUD/WAV) Source: Canon powershot SX 130 IS. Original files audio: LPCM 1536kbps, 48khz. Ripped to WAV 1536 kbps, 41 khz, Stereo. Taper: Wiltteri Good quality CD 1: Blind & Loneliest planet are short ones, but rest are complete or missing few...
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    Buenos Aires 30/03/2000

    Good old times, what a setlist. In my opinion the best moz tour. And this is audience recording, but so good that beats many soundboard recordings.
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    Helsinki 13.08.2016 video - full set

    Morrissey - 2016-08-13 Flow festival, Helsinki, Finland (WAV) Equipment: Canon powershot SX 130 IS Taper: Wiltteri Originals: LPCM 1536 kbps, stereo, 48 khz. Your ones: WAV, 1536 kbps, stereo, 44 khz. Good quality. Fatty, Irish blood & Kiss me a lot are incomplete. Download: (link is...
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    Helsinki 13.08.2016 video - full set

    Thanks! A short one Equipment: Canon powershot SX 130 IS Taper: Wiltteri Original MOVs joined to one. Originals: Video: 1280/720, 12000-25000 bits, 29 frames Audio: LPCM 1532 kbps, stereo, 48 khz. Your one: Video: MOV, 1280/720, 13130 bits, 29 frames. Audio: AAC, 300 bits, 44 khz. Filmed...
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    Helsinki, Finland - Flow Festival (Aug. 13, 2016) post-show

    Great show. Too bad they had only hour to play. Moz and the band in good form and seemed enjoying performing, loud audience helped for sure. Ganglord & Meat is murder videos always takes the concert spirit away and takes some time until i can enjoy the concert again. 24min. video
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    Moz TSA incident cover version

    The Boy Racer cover Kallion Kolli The lyrics are in finnish. Kallio is a rough area in Helsinki and "kolli" is a slang word for boy. The lyrics deals self- satisfied boy who gets too much, lives fast & will probably die young. Like the original version. My friend Natasha sings and made the...
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    Moz TSA incident cover version

    Much better feedback than i expected! So the original is better?:-) I will film at least 7 tunes tomorrow at flow.
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    Moz TSA incident cover version

    Howdy folks While watching the south park Toilet Safety Administration episode, i got inspired to do a half stolen you're gonna need someone on your side cover inspired by the Mozzer's San Fran TSA incident. Sir, I just need to check inside your asshole
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    TTY: Chicago Riot Fest back on

    Moz really should not do the festivals. He's often pissed off and that effects to the performance and the lenght of the performance and it's unfair to fans. Envy towards U2 getting the headlining spot of the day, meat smelling, festival promoter looking bored in the audience etc etc. Moz gets...
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    Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard comp

    Little changes. Tomorrow from London 92. The Boy racer from Jools holland.
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    Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard comp

    Yes! I'm home and have the files at 30th.
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    TTY: Morrissey, tonight in Sao Paulo

    Well the ego has landed again. I was waiting something like this from the squeezed skull. Why he doesn't have a record deal? Surely Universal will sign him now. Probably why no one will sign him is that you can't say no for moz, everything has to go his way or he says no. It's not David's or the...
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    Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard comp

    Morrissey - Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard compilation Source: FM/TV/Soundboard/Ear monitor Quality: A+/A/A- Flac Wolverhampton, Civic hall 1988-12-22 01. Stop me if you think you've heard this one before 02. Suedehead London, Hammersmith odeon 1991-10-04 03. The...
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    TTY: Morrissey audience in Chile

    I see that the Publish of this pointless photo is a reminder how popular he still is -> application for a record deal. Or prove himself he is still big. The audience reaction and ticket sales has gone more and more silent since ringleader. Even the music business has changed a lot, it still...
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