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    3 Helsinki World peace tour nights

    Morrissey - 3 Helsinki World peace tour nights (AUD/WAV) Source: Canon powershot SX 130 IS. Original files audio: LPCM 1536kbps, 48khz. Ripped to WAV 1536 kbps, 41 khz, Stereo. Taper: Wiltteri Good quality CD 1: Blind & Loneliest planet are short ones, but rest are complete or missing few...
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    Moz TSA incident cover version

    Howdy folks While watching the south park Toilet Safety Administration episode, i got inspired to do a half stolen you're gonna need someone on your side cover inspired by the Mozzer's San Fran TSA incident. Sir, I just need to check inside your asshole
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    Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard comp

    Morrissey - Charming man years 1988-2002 Soundboard compilation Source: FM/TV/Soundboard/Ear monitor Quality: A+/A/A- Flac Wolverhampton, Civic hall 1988-12-22 01. Stop me if you think you've heard this one before 02. Suedehead London, Hammersmith odeon 1991-10-04 03. The...
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    World peace is none of your business-Tour-soundboard compilation

    Morrissey - World peace is none of your business - tour 2014 & 2015 - soundboard compilation Mp3 320 & 192 bits. Primavera fauna, Santiago, Chile 2015-11-14 Source: Webcast First Of The Gang To Die Alma Matters Speedway Ganglord World Peace Is None Of Your Business Kiss Me A Lot...
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    Las vegas 99' (audio upgrade)

    House of blues, Las Vegas 1999-12-20 Video: AVI, 640/480, 6882 bits, 25 frames Audio: MP3, 41hz, 192 bits, fake stereo Audio of the dvd uploaded here, had sound only in 1 speaker. I took the audio out and threw it to empty channel. Both speakers rocking now, nicer to listen. Tomorrow...
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    Helsinki HD, both 2014 nights

    Morrissey - Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland 2014-11-15/16 First night Video: 1280/720, 9734kbps, 29 frames Audio: AAC, 41khz, 301 kbps, stereo Second night Video: 1280/720, 12620kbps, 29 frames Audio: AAC, 41khz, 304 kbps, stereo RE-try-seed, some technical problem last time. 2 MOV...
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    2014 compilation

    Morrissey - 2014 Compilation Source: Canon powershot SX 130 IS Taper: Wiltteri Quality: Mostly good Original Mov files audio: LPCM 1536 bits, 48 khz. Audio ripped to WAV 1536 bits, 41 khz -> Flac Loneliest planet, Certain people, How soon, Paris & Asleep are incomplete. Rest are...
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    Helsinki 15/16.11.2014 DVD

    Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland 15. & 16.11.2014 - PAL DVD Video: 720/576, 9624kbps, 25 frames Audio: AC3, 48khz, 224kbps DVD made of the original hd movs. Lenght 55min. First night Second night Pictures from both...
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    Helsinki 15.11.2014 video + audio

    Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland 15.11.2014 Video: 1280/720, 15777kbps, 29 frames Audio: AAC, 44khz, 436kbps Mov file made of the original hd movs. I had a middle balcony first row, thanks to that video & audio are good. Lenght 38min. The Queen is dead Suedehead Speedway Staircase at...
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    Madrid/Padova 2014 DVD

    Madrid 9. & Padova 22.10.2014 The best quality + most complete parts compilation. DVD made of the original HD mov files. Video: 720/576, 9624 bits, 25 frames Audio: AC3, 224 bits, 48hz Samples:
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    Padova 2014

    Video: Gran teatro geox, Padova, Italy 22.10.2014 1 MOV file made of the original HD mov files. Full, almost full + half songs. Lenght 22 min. Video: 1280/720, 10513 kbps, 29 frames. Audio: AAC, 436 kbps, 44 khz. Samples
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    Spare Padova or paris ticket?

    anyone have a spare padova or paris ticket? -> [email protected] Cheers!
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    Madrid 9.10.2014

    Morrissey - Barclaycard Center, Madrid, Spain 2014-10-09 Filmed by wiltteri and with Canon powershot SX 130 IS 1 Big MOV file made of the original HD mov files. Video: Resolution 1280/720, 9614 kbps, 29 frames Audio: AAC, 356 kbps, 44hz, stereo Man did it again, Moz mania hit me...
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    Johnny Marr - Dublin 7.8.2014 /DVD/HD/Audio

    Leopardstown Racecourse, Dublin, Ireland 7.8.2014. PAL DVD. Taper: Wiltteri Quality: Various DVD made of the original HD mov files. Complete, almost complete & half songs + clips, something for everyone. Running time 59mins. video: 720/576, 9626 kbps, frame rate 25. audio: ac3, 224 kbps, 48...
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    Viva Wiltteri, or you may prefer Kill Wiltteri

    Compilation of 3 of my best audio recordings. Songs i don't skip. Made it for myself, but few might want to listen too. Aiwa minidisc, Vivanco mic & steinberg wavelab. Samples: City hall, Newcastle...
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    3 complete concert videos from good old 90's

    28 October 1997 Bren Events Center, Irvine, CA Moz + band in top form. My fave 97' video, even quality isn't the best. Maladjusted Do Your Best And Don't Worry Roy's Keen Hold On To Your Friends The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils Trouble Loves Me Speedway Spring-Heeled Jim Why...
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    1992-2002 live comp (mpeg-2 dvd-5 version)

    New mpeg-2 version, plays in dvd player, fits to dvd-5. Slightly different setlist. Some parts have been changed to better quality. No audio syncing problems now. Morrissey – 1992-2002 Live, the compilation of all compilations The Best quality video from each tour + tv-performances...
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    REQ: Wembley arena 18.11.95' video

    Folks, Passions just like mine says "The 18 November bootleg is a montage of two different recordings from different angles" Anyone have this in digital format? Cheers! W
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    Your Arsenal spectacle - video compilation

    I got inspiration to do something arsenal creative, celebrating the re release of one of my fave albums. Your Arsenal spectacle transferred with LG vhs to dvd recorder Ripped from the dvd's to vob files, having the same video/audio settings as the original. Video: resolution 720/576...
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    a little smiths/moz master tv recordings comp

    a little smiths/moz master tv recordings comp master vhs recordings -> LG dvd recorder -> the original vob (pal) files. Video: 720/576, 9256 kbps Audio: AC3, 256 kbps, 48 khz, stereo Derby 7.12.1983 Full broadcast from SVT - Musikbyrån Hultsfred festival, Sweden 19.6.2004 2 broadcasts from...
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