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  1. darby1974

    The Smiths (canceled) show at "City Gardens" New Jersey?

    I am reading the book "No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes. An oral history of the legendary City Gardens" by Amy Yates Wuelfing and it has a part that says The Smiths were booked on January 6th 1984 but was canceled due to Mike Joyce having "the flu or mumps of something" says (Randy...
  2. darby1974

    Who was at the 2006 Tulsa Cain's Ballroom show?

    So, who all of you were at this fantastic show? Me and three of my friends, one who turned out to be my wife, drove from Spartanburg, South Carolina to Tulsa OK for the first of three warm up shows of the "Tour Of The Tormentors". It was the first show since 2004 and before Ringleader came out...
  3. darby1974

    The Smiths - (TQID) Warners 20th anniversary bonus cd of related rarities cd-r on eBay

    This will be interesting to watch. First one of these I have ever seen for sale.. The 2006 debunked Warner's Queen Is Dead rarities bonus cd-r. All looks legit to me...
  4. darby1974

    Set The Boy Free - Demo's, the Ritz show and EMI demo?

    While I haven't read Johnny's whole autobiography yet, I am curious about some of the tapes and demos he talks about. While I think we know where the first demo is, with "Birthday" on it is, but I am curious about some others. He said he gave Andy a copy of the Ritz show to see if he was...
  5. darby1974

    If anyone collects Smiths Tour shirts

    This one is on the top list. It is the 84 debut album Gladioli tour shirt from 1984 designed by Barbara Taylor. The only one rarer than this one...
  6. darby1974

    HIG 7"s and Headmaster 7"s listed on ebay, others coming today

    I have my HIG's and Headmasters listed on Ebay as well as a Moz Ignore Me 2 track Dutch CD listed. I will be listing all my Charming Man 7"s today and probably others. Here is the link..
  7. darby1974

    Smiths 7" collection for sale - 47 total

    I am having to do some downsizing due to unforeseen circumstances. I have a Smiths 7" collection for sale. 47 records in all. Push-out, solid centers, imports etc... I figured I would try here before I go to ebay. I will not piece them out Please message me your offers. I will take offers until...
  8. darby1974

    HSIN - "Earls Court" 1 track cd-r promo

    Not me selling this, but I haven't seen one of these for sale or auction in a long time.. It will be interesting to see what it fetches.
  9. darby1974

    The Headmaster Ritual records - which is most sought after?

    What is the most sought after Headmaster record? 12" and 7" I would like to know what you guys think...
  10. darby1974

    GA shows

    Are any of the California, Texas, Utah, Colorado (Boulder), or Nevada shows general admission? I am thinking of flying in for one of them but I would want it to be a GA show. Please let me know if you guys know Thanks
  11. darby1974

    "The Smiths - 30 years of The Queen Is Dead" triple DVD box set (out Aug. 12, 2016)

    I just noticed this on Bull Moose pre orders.. Has anyone heard of this? The Smiths: 30 Years of the Queen is Dead - VideoETA While the title may appear a little passe and the message somewhat less outrageous than it did 30 years ago, The Smiths' sophomore album remains among the finest pieces...
  12. darby1974

    Will The Smiths reform from EIL
  13. darby1974

    Authentic signed Moz Best of booklet and Boy Happy CD Auction

    I have listed an authentic signed Suedehead - Best Of CD booklet that comes with the Now My Heart Is Full- An Introspective 1984-1994 promo CD and Boy Happy CD single up for a 5 day auction. I got the signed booklet from a well known collector that post on here, (I don't know if he wants his...
  14. darby1974

    The good ol days of the 2004 CD-R promos

    Is it me, or was it way more interesting collecting the Cd-r promos around the 2004-06 era. There were 4 different LMKY's to track down, 3 or 4 FOTGTD's to try to find, then, the holy grail Cd-r's HSIS-2004 and NOCHACTO. I see they are much more boring these days. Just plain white borders if...
  15. darby1974

    Looking for German pressing Smiths records

    Hello all, I am looking for the German multi color Smiths 12" singles. They are William, It Really Was Nothing - INT 125.219 Mulit splatter vinyl Ask - 6.20676 - Clear or black Sheila Take A Bow - LIEP3.00011E Green or white vinyl Sheila Take A Bow - Line 609073 - blue sleeve Stop Me If...
  16. darby1974

    Morrissey's book for pre sale at

    Here is the link for pre order. 7.99 GBP
  17. darby1974

    "The Seven Immortals" backdrop

    I noticed on video when they were playing TFOTGTD, they had a Seven Immortals picture in the back drop. I just watched a documentary about 60's and 70's New York street gangs and they were in it. Here is some info
  18. darby1974

    I got a few odd Morrissey items for auction (promos, acetates, Aussie cassettes Etc.)

    2 for 1 Quarry and Ringleader, Aussie cassettes with different inlay, promos, CD-R acetates, mispressed Ignore Me CD single with 45 graphic. Plus lots more..
  19. darby1974

    No One Can Hold A Candle - CD-R acetate promo

    Someone grabbed a bargain real quick...
  20. darby1974

    Sandie Shaw "Hand In Glove" 6.5" push out center record?

    Does anyone have one of these to show with a regular 7" record? Can anyone shed some information on these?
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