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  1. FDR

    Videos: The Hanover Theatre - 24 June 2015 - Worcester, MA

    Free sharing, not monetized: Suedehead Ganglord Speedway More to follow...
  2. FDR

    Morrissey - Kaka'ako Waterfront Park 18 May 2012- Honolulu, HI

    Just uploaded: Intro/HSIN? You Have Killed Me Alma Matters You’re The One For Me, Fatty I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris ...a...
  3. FDR

    I'll Take 2 GA Tix For NYE Show

    PM me if you have any.
  4. FDR

    Need 2 Worcester Tix

    Floor seats. Near front. PM me.
  5. FDR

    Tickets Wanted

    Preference is Pit or Orchestra first couple of rows. (1) New Orleans (1) Atlanta (1) Durham (1) D.C (2) Worcester (1) NYC
  6. FDR

    Moz Cancellation Game

    Ok...a little fun at his expense, but it's not like I'm spewing vicious street gang slang here. Tell me the number of shows you have attended, intended to attend but the show was cancelled, and the cancellation percentage. Who will have the highest percent?? Me: 54 attended. 16 cancellations...
  7. FDR

    Need 1 Miami

    Help me!
  8. FDR

    Seeking 2 For Boston

    Preferrably together. PM me. Will listen to all offers. Please include full ticket info in your message.
  9. FDR

    Seeking Tickets

    ONLY SEEKING ONE FOR MIAMI - near front but open to others. Send me seat location and price. All other tickets I sound were obtained.
  10. FDR

    Reading Floor Seats Now On Ticketbastard

    Just saw a bunch of good floor seats available on Ticketmaster.
  11. FDR

    Count Basie Floor Tickets

    Late release floor tickets available right now (4:15 ET) on the venue's website.
  12. FDR

    Any Brooklyn Tix?

    PM here or e-mail [email protected]
  13. FDR

    NYC Tix Needed: All Shows

    Radio City and both T5 shows needed. PM here or e-mail at [email protected]
  14. FDR

    Anyone know DM pre-sale codes?

    I want Red Rocks, CO tix and pre-sale started yesterday. Signed up for announcements on the DM site today, since they won't post the codes in their forums, but don't know how long it will take to get the code. I know there are DM fans here.
  15. FDR

    Durham ticket available

    After much deliberation I have decided against attending the upcoming shows. I would have missed a meeting, want to be cautious with this economy and I'm a little pissed since the FL shows would have been so much easier. This is a Grand Tier, front row center section ticket - perfect for, well...
  16. FDR

    Need Myrtle and Atlanta

    Help a brotha out? Sorry, it's Asheville and Atlanta
  17. FDR

    Need Jannus Landing Ticket

    I have tickets for all Florida shows except this one. Need 2 but would gladly go with 1.
  18. FDR

    New U2 album leaked

    Don't feel bad More-say fans, the same thing just happened to U2. Not going to post the link but it's out there if you want it.
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