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  1. Modcon

    Post your Greatest Hits fan artwork

    If you want. If you don't I don't care. Here's my attempt at the (back) cover artwork for the upcoming greatest hits cd. What do you think?
  2. Modcon

    Morrissey greatest hits

    Sp what do you think? Will the Morrissey greatest hits ever see the light of day or will it forgotten and will there be a new album now that he's signed with a nw record company? If it does happen which songs will be on it? will it be one or two cd's? etc. what do you think? CD1 1...
  3. Modcon

    Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself"Electric demo

    I'm looking for the electric demo version of "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" could someone upload it pretty (petty) please?
  4. Modcon

    ROTT Setlist

    There have been a couple of different set lists during the ROTT tour which (leg of the tour) is your favourite and what would be your ultimate ROTT setlist tour? My ultimate set list would be; 1. Panic 2. First Of The Gang To Die 3. The Youngest Was The Most Loved 4. You Have...
  5. Modcon

    Songs to Save Your Life

    Came Free with the NME. Can someone upload it Please
  6. Modcon

    Billy Budd

    The title is taken from a Terence Stamp film, but is the song about Morrissey's relationship with Johnny Marr? In the song Morrissey is the Billy Budd character and the first person is Johnny Marr. What got me thinking is the line "now its 12 years on" (the song was written in 1994, he...
  7. Modcon

    Eight days a week, 25 April 1984

    Does anyone have this show with Morrissey as a guest reviewer along side Tony Blackburn and George Michael? I would love to see it. Or does anyone know if it is on or something?
  8. Modcon

    Budapest 5th July

    In "At Last I am Born" the second verse, instead of Vegiterians know, do you think he'll sing; Hungarians know, I am finally Born
  9. Modcon

    The Public image

    I was reading the thread on the YATQ b-sides and I saw a song I've never heard before; the Public Image. Does someone have it? Can someone please upload it? Forever yours and eternally greatful...
  10. Modcon

    ReQ: Morrissey live 2006 in the USA

    Does anyone have a bootleg of any of the early US dates for the ROTT tour? Either Tulsa or Oklahoma City or the SBSW gigs. Actually I just want "Suedehead" and "Stop me" If someone could upload these I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance.
  11. Modcon

    Under The Influence liner notes

    Could someone upload the liner notes to the Morrissey compilation Under the Influence. thanks in advance.
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