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  1. AlbertFinney

    What do we want Years Of Refusal to sound like?

    Without reading through the whole thread, was a consensus reached that Years of Refusal should sound like Chinese Democracy?
  2. AlbertFinney

    Germaine Greer loves Morrissey, hates Dylan

    My Dad - who is of Dylan's generation - has a theory that Bob Dylan's lyrics are a bunch of ambiguous toss and he's massively over-rated. I'm inclined to agree. Those who use the expression 6th form lyricist are also correct. I dislike singer songwriters slightly more than I dislike...
  3. AlbertFinney

    Come On - Cork Setlist!

    Noise is the best revenge. The singer had plenty of stage presence. Unfortunately he had just about the worst singing voice ever heard outside of a bathroom. Either that or he was singing at a different key to his band. Either way it was terrible. My little lad listened to about five...
  4. AlbertFinney

    Cork 'review' / semi relevant observations

    There was a quote next to the one at the top which had this jist. Was arrested for snatching a watch and later claimed that he was given it by the owner. Both were drunk. If I could remember where I could google it now :D
  5. AlbertFinney

    Come On - Cork Setlist!

    I was momentarily ejected for calling one of the hired hands a twat. While outside he told me I'd called him a f'in twat. I didn't correct him as I thought his description was more accurate :D I also loved the version of Why don't you find out for yourself. There were so many old...
  6. AlbertFinney

    Come On - Cork Setlist!

    Very true. Yesterday's set would have been pointless for someone who wasn't a die hard. Saying that, my mrs still enjoyed it.
  7. AlbertFinney

    Come On - Cork Setlist!

    Odd that as everyone seemed to be singing along and dancing last night. Really, the only lulls were with unreleased tracks, everything else bar possibly I just want to see the boy happy was a winner. For me I'd rather see Morrissey play songs from his past which I haven't heard live before -...
  8. AlbertFinney

    Come On - Cork Setlist!

    All of which really misses the point that Morrissey was in top form. I like 99% of his songs so the important thing is whether he can be arsed or not on the night. The only downside for me was dealing with pathetic security types.
  9. AlbertFinney

    Wicklow Gig no Morrissey

    :D Forgot about that one.
  10. AlbertFinney

    Cure's new song

    I don't thing he's made anything remotely worthwhile for many, many years. I didn't like Friday I'm love, anything on that album or anything since. I don't know what went wrong. Maybe age.
  11. AlbertFinney

    Wicklow Gig no Morrissey

    I know the Irish roads are bad but it really is no excuse. It takes you no more than four hours in Ireland to get from one side of the country to the other. How bad a traveller can you be? Get your arse down to Cork and stop moaning about it being more than five minutes from your house.
  12. AlbertFinney

    Wicklow Gig no Morrissey

    Well now you do you can take a two or three hour journey to see him. I've been going to Morrissey concerts since '90 and this is the first time he's played within two hours of my house - and I've lived in five different cities since then!
  13. AlbertFinney

    Wicklow Gig no Morrissey

    Cork is a banker. I honestly can't understand why everyone has been wetting their pants over the other gig which isn't happening. Surely any concert away from Dublin is great news being as he's been nowhere but there over the last few years.
  14. AlbertFinney

    2nd Irish Date rumoured for 28th June

    As someone who lives here I'd pick Cork anyway. If you're not driving Cork seems a lot more accessible. If you are driving Cork is a lot more accessible if you're getting off the ferry as its a straight road all the way there. Knowing Morrissey as a man who doesn't handle technical...
  15. AlbertFinney

    Morrissey to play Marquee Cork

    I've been to Cork dozens of times and haven't seen him yet! Seen him plenty of times in Nottingham though! Tickets booked and bollocking received off the mrs for booking tickets on the day we had flights for a weekend in Denmark. Lol.
  16. AlbertFinney

    Worst song off the 8 studio albums?

    I'm liking that. Billy Budd and I'll never be anybody's hero now are offensively bad. I'd have to go King Leer on Kill Uncle and Certain People I know on Your Arse though.
  17. AlbertFinney

    your 5 favourite bands?

    1. The Smiths/Morrissey - anyone not posting this should have their fingers severed one by one followed by their toes. 2. The Pixies 3. Prince 4. Interpol 5. Muse
  18. AlbertFinney

    The Best Prince Album?

    Agreed on all of that. Also, my favourite album is either Purple Rain, Lovesexy, Around the world in a day, Sign o' the times or Parade depending on the day. Prince was ace in the 80's. Dirty mind has a few gems on it although its not consistent enough to be amongst the best.
  19. AlbertFinney

    Strange places where you got to hear a Smiths/Morrissey song...

    For most artists this wouldn't be a strange place but as Morrissey generally doesn't get played in public too often... There must be a Morrissey fan who does the music for the shopping centre where my shop is situated because every single cd that is played in there has at least one...
  20. AlbertFinney

    Morrisey's Next Move

    I'd like Moz and the band to have a few months off, regroup and write something decent.
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