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  1. Modcon

    Your Morrissey Dream Setlist

    1. All you need is me 2. Stop me if you think you've heard this one before or I started something I couldn't finish 3. First of the gang to die 4. You have killed me 5. Suedehead 6. Don't make fun of daddy's voice 7 Glam. glue 8. Let me kiss you 9. Disappointed 10. That's how people...
  2. Modcon

    Live cd with greatest hits

    yyyyaaaaawwwwnnnnn for bringing up the lawyers, what a crashing bore you are. Music is there for everybody to enjoy. And saying that someone is 'worthy' of posting on a message board? WHO ARE YOU? You don't speak for me. oh and mind your f*cking languague you f*cking miserable c*nt
  3. Modcon

    Greatest Hits - Bonus Live Cd!

    Re: Is THIS The Official GH Tracklist? Yes, but...........The songs that are "chosen" to be released as singles are debateble to say the least. A 'best of' is subjective of course but a (this) 'greatest hits' gives just a crooked few of Morrissey's career. Here are some songs that wer...
  4. Modcon

    Post your Greatest Hits fan artwork

    Very nice. especially the back cover. Would be great for the live CD/ DVD cover. Here's my attempt at Moz lying on the floor back cover.
  5. Modcon

    Post your Greatest Hits fan artwork

    I agree. the front and back don't really go together either. I like the idea of the back cover for a greatest hits. Morrissey wondering around a cemetery looking at all the graves as if they were his old songs form his past. Kindof like "Here lies Suedehead" and "In loving memory of the National...
  6. Modcon

    Post your Greatest Hits fan artwork

    Very nice. You really did a great job on this. I like it alot. Especially the orgasmic face. They make good front and back covers or the 2 pictures together would make a great inside of a cardboard sleeve (like ROTT came in). Oh, and the extra track is brilliant. I think the record co...
  7. Modcon

    Post your Greatest Hits fan artwork

    Thank you. I hope so too. Here is the front cover
  8. Modcon

    Post your Greatest Hits fan artwork

    If you want. If you don't I don't care. Here's my attempt at the (back) cover artwork for the upcoming greatest hits cd. What do you think?
  9. Modcon

    The "Moz, We Support You" Thread

    To Morrissey: Good luck on your battle with the NME. You have our support. You were suckered in by "Journalists who lie" trying to make a name for themselves through character-assassination. This discussion is neither important or interesting. Just a rehash of the past. If anything this...
  10. Modcon

    Your Morrissey Dream Setlist

    My set list for the upcoming London shows 1. Journalists who lie 2. London 3. First of the gang to die 4. All you need is me 5. Disappointed 6. Don't make fun of daddy's voice 7. You have killed me 8. That's how people grow up 9. Let me kiss you 10. National front disco 11. The boy...
  11. Modcon

    Morrissey greatest hits

    Sp what do you think? Will the Morrissey greatest hits ever see the light of day or will it forgotten and will there be a new album now that he's signed with a nw record company? If it does happen which songs will be on it? will it be one or two cd's? etc. what do you think? CD1 1...
  12. Modcon

    if you could change ONE thing about morrissey..........

    If I could change one thing about Morrissey I would make him want to play Well I Wonder this upcoming tour.
  13. Modcon

    Your Morrissey Dream Setlist

    All The Lazy Dykes? Are you mad? Ok you did have asleep in there so I will be gentle;)
  14. Modcon

    Your Morrissey Dream Setlist

    1. First of the gang 2. You're gonna need 3. Glam glue 4. All you need 5. Life is a pigsty 6. Disappointed 7. Seasick 8. I just want to see the boy happy 9. Why don't you find out 10. Irish blood english heart 11. Speedway 12. Let me kiss you 13. National Front Disco 14. Everyday...
  15. Modcon

    POLL: What do you think Morrissey's album will be like?

    I think the new album will probabaly be more of the same along the vein of ROTT and Quarry. I don't think any of the new songs (ie. All you need; Paris; That's how; Goodbye Farewell) will be on it.
  16. Modcon

    So No Hollywood Bowl DVD?

    There will probably be a live DVD to coincide with the release of the greatest hits cd. Not sure if the Hollywood bowl show will be brought out on DVD because there were several shows that were taped during the last leg of the tour.
  17. Modcon

    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Babyshambles at Paradiso Amsterdam
  18. Modcon

    Morrissey Hair Thread

    HAHAHA...very funny!!
  19. Modcon

    The two unreleased songs on the new Greatest Hits CD are...

    Out of the new songs All You Need Is Me and That's How People Grow Up were always the most likely to appear on the album since they seem the 2 most 'finished songs' that have been played live and also both have been played on American tv. The other two seemed a little slight and unfinished...
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