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  1. sdmfjuan

    My band does the 'Click Track'

    So I'm shamelessly drawing attention to my band again. We just uploaded our cover of the 'Click Track', renamed 'And You Suddenly Want More'...that rare unreleased unfinished little gem The Smiths left behind. We put lyrics on it to round it off, even if you love it or hate it I'd love to hear...
  2. sdmfjuan

    Kill Uncle cover 'Oscillate Wildly'

    My band has recorded a cover of 'Oscillate Wildly' and posted it up on our page. We've gotten mixed reactions, and I was just wondering what the M-Solo crowd thinks of it. Check us out!
  3. sdmfjuan

    Hooray for Hollywood!

    Roll call! Me and my girlfriend will be there both saturdays! who else is sharing this great exitement!!!!
  4. sdmfjuan

    New Date: Bakersfield Sunday June 10 Announced!

    Morrissey will be performing at the Rabobank Arena Theater and Convention Center in Bakersfield, CA on Sunday, Jun 10, 2007 at 8:00 PM. This will be his last show in Southern California during this tour. got it from Morrissey's myspace, thought id share..
  5. sdmfjuan

    90% Chance of rain in Hollywood tommorow.

    this is my first post, i have decided to come out of out of lurking, its THAT important. My girlfriend and I have 2 tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel show tommorow night, i just checked the weather and it says 90% chance of rain tommorow night! Does anyone know what happens if its raining?! does...
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